Mark Squires' BB to close for good - UPDATED (WA sold to Michelin)

Just FYI, it was announced earlier today that the Mark Squires’ BB will close for good on or around July 15th (if someone else has already posted about this, my apologies). It had been limping along for several years, so no real loss, but I couldn’t help feeling a little nostalgic when I read the news. That this should be planned for the day after the commemoration of the taking of the Bastille is, I’m sure, pure coincidence. There are still one or two quality reviewers, notably William Kelley, but TWA does increasingly look like the Norwegian Blue parrot.


Make your club too exclusive…

Sheer Stupidity; what an asset and then it was allowed to fizzle and die.

The title of the thread is perfect.

Mark Squires was the James Dolan of internet forum ‘owners.’

Here’s to the ultimate rise of the lazy, narrow agenda administrators who offer little in the way of content and substance!!! [cheers.gif]

What? It’s still alive? I thought it died years ago…


AND a penchant for gossip!

That was my homage to you. You do a GREAT job.


Here’s to dick and fart jokes! champagne.gif

Once upon a time I might have been nostalgic. But it seems like such a long time ago.

WB feels like a happy, enduring second marriage after a disastrous first try. [wink.gif]

I never had an opinion of him until I PM’d him to give him a heads up about an issue that a high visibility poster had. His response to me was sort of [beatoff.gif] More like a F/U a$$hole I don’t care. I was sort of expecting sorry to hear the sad news.

So MS if you’re reading, allow me this editorial comment > [soap.gif]

While I don’t think he disagreed with any of the actions, I wonder how much of running that board was acting on Parker’s direction as his henchman? And, how much money did they miss on due to ego and lack of vision?

psssst, Anton - go wipe that brown smudge off the tip of your nose. [snort.gif]

I don’t know the first wife, and barely have met this second one, but it seems to me more like a dysfunctional family that somehow still cares for each other despite the bickering.

“Allowed” seems too passive to me. Parker and Squires killed it. Bob got tired of people taking pot-shots at him on his own board and reacting in kind to his vehement hot takes. His choice, of course, but it was a shame for the wine community. It was a lively place for a long time.

Tip of the cap to Todd for filling the void with something even better

After I get the taste out of my mouth.


I have tried Hi Fi forums. If you wanna see mean and dysfunctional, turn audiophiles loose on each other.

This is what I think chat forums should aspire to be.

The HiFi forums all seem to be safe zones. I got shut down on pretty much all of them before I even got warmed up. I keep most of my opinions to myself over here but those guys are world class pussies.

For those of us who were not part of that board, how did it compare (during its heyday) to this one?

Some of the participants over there drank rather surprising amounts of '45 Mouton-Rothschild (l’année de _rev_oir). And surprising amounts of pre-1960 Ponsot Clos St. Denis.

That would be like a Salomon Brothers or First Boston old-timer telling a newly minted junior analyst what Wall Street used to be.