Marcato Atlas 150 Issues

I’ve been making pasta with my machine for a couple years now just fine and all of a sudden I’ve noticed that my machine’s rollers are not perfectly parallel so when the dough goes through it pulls on one side faster than the other causing it to turn sideways and get totally ruined. Anyone else have this issue? Any way of fixing it?
I just purchased another one from Amazon and got it in today and it too is doing the same thing. There are clearly some quality control issues but there’s nothing as frustrating as spending time making pasta only to have it ruined.

I’ve never had an issue with mine and have literally abused it in every way possible. I think mine’s from the 70s though. As with many things, Garage sale might be better than new.

I finally got my 3rd one in yesterday and it had the problem too except it was only on the first two settings that the rollers were out of whack rather than all of them. I’ll settle for this right now.