2013 chardonnay allocation…

Curious if anyone has heard anything?


Been in contact with Jennifer recently and she wrote the offer will come sometime in Spring. Cheers, Joe

Merci beaucoup!

Anyone have updates on tmy he next Marcassin release?

Thanks in advance!

funny how this has never changed
they just release when they feel like it
every year

Amazing that they have the room to store that many vintages of wine.

Any Update? Never got mailing, yet see a retailer offering today on 2013 Chard

Reply to my 5/21/19 e-mail:
Dear Robert,
We are currently working on the 2013 Marcassin Vineyard Chardonnay mailer and it will be out soon.
Best Regards,
Jennifer Ginochio
Marcassin Wine Co.

nothing on this end yet

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Is this wine worth the pain of dealing with them? I passed on an allocation last year because of the pain of ordering/payment/shipping. I’m wondering if that was the correct path.

There’s always something else out there to buy .

If you like full-throttle CA Chardonnay & Pinot, Marcassin’s gotta be among the top 5 in terms of overall quality, if not top 3.

Switch to Aubert. Considerably less expensive and every bit as good, if not better.

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Anyone know how long the waitlist is for these? Presuming one signed up now.

I love aubert, been on since the beginning and the largest set of whites i own, but there is still room for Marcassin

There is definitely room for both.
Also Marcassin ages the wines for you.
2013 Marcassin hasn’t been sold yet and I bought Aubert 2017 in January.

I don’t really think there is one. I signed up last summer and got an offering as well last summer.

I wonder why the complaints, if you don’t like how the conduct business then don’t buy. I love their wines so I’m happy to wait and look forward to getting offered anything.

really? because people just hope every once in a while they will come through when they say they will. jennifer gets her name mentioned here frequently for a reason!

How less expensive is Aubert? Just curious, have only had the Pinot (which didn’t do much for me) but really interested in trying one of their Chards, which get a lot of praise on here.

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