Hey Berserkers, not sure if this counts as wine, but it is made from grapes. Has anyone had any experiences with marc de bourgogne? Thoughts? I know DRC and Dujac make one; has anyone tried them?

Haven’t tried DRC’s or Dujac’s, but the couple I have tried were downright nasty; you’d be better off drinking Irish whiskey from a plastic 1L.

I have a soft spot for Marc de Gigondas. I’ve never tried the top Burgundian versions.

I am a huge fan of Marc de Bourgogne. Dujac is usually excellent. The DRC marc and fine de bourgogne are excellent, but pretty pricey these days. I am also a big fan of marcs from Provence (including Bandol). There is also a pretty good marc de Acquitaine from Mouton Rothschild. But my favorite is below - down to my last handful of bottles, though

My favorite:

Skinny Pinot Noir $41.49 375 ML Bottle

Like the very best from Italy, we distil juicy, fresh pomace of Pinot Noir from local wineries. We don’t “stretch” the pomace by adding water and sugar. Just pure, soft-pressed pomace is distilled to capture the concentrated aromas and smooth finishes that characterize the best grappas. Best enjoyed after a heavy meal with a cup of freshly brewed espresso.

“Spirit of the Year” 2008 Destillata, Austria

Thanks for the comments, but I’m also interested in getting more opinions on how they taste?

Is it more of a brandy- or grappa-styled drink? I assume it’s one of those types of bottles that you can keep open for months or years as you slowly sip away at them?

Adrian, the marc I’ve had have all been more like grappa. Clear, pungent, intense, and often regrettable the next morning. Though I do have fond memories of Tempier Marc in Bandol. That next morning was more than worth the night before.

They taste like bad Irish whiskey, hence my initial comment.

…but they can’t all taste like bad Irish whiskey, can they?

I’ve had both the 1977 DRC Marc & Fine. I’ve had Marc from a few other notable producers and De Vogue Fine.

All of the ones I’ve had were barrel aged (I assume it’s the same regardless of producer) and like grappa or brandy could certainly be kept for a couple of years for occasional sipping.

I would say it’s really in the middle, Adrian. Not really rich/smooth like brandy or Cognac but generally a bit more mellow then fresh grappa.

More grappa in style because they used the must rather than the juice. But a lot more care goes into the production and aging than that which goes into grappa. A brandy of the soul

Interesting replies. I’ve never had Marc that was barrel aged. Would love to see what a little refinement would do for the ones I’ve tried - interesting, but pretty much fire water.

Another point about the barrel aging–I say they were barrel aged because the spirit was yellow in color, it had notes of wood/smoke (especially the Fines), but hey, I could be wrong. What I would expect would differ greatly between an aged brandy and an aged Marc or Fine is that with the latter the maker is just using old barrels lying around whereas the former is purchasing some newly toasted barrels specifically to age the spirit.

Marc de Bourgogne is an AOC. Therefore, there are rules governing it. One which is important is that it must be in barrel a minimum of two years to be labeled as such. Three years in barrel gains the right of labeling as Vieux Marc de Bourgogne.

They don’t taste the same to me. I’m not typically a spirits drinker. Only tried a few bit Dujac’s has been excellent. Grape nuances certainly play a role in the final nuances.

We just started this year doing short of a barrel. Not to sell but to know the process better. For some strange reason, most all of it once first distilled smells of truffles…even the mediocre versions.

I like marc. The good ones are all the same so it’s not worth paying a DRC premium though Dujac used to be very fairly priced. I have a soft spot for the Drouhin marc de Clos Des Mouches but I think I’m just impressed by the bottle.

I like Macvin, from the Jura: marc de Jura mixed with fresh grape juice, white or red. Montbourgeau’s is especially nice.

You’re killing me, Ray. Another marc I’ll not have a chance to taste.

Did you do the distillation on site through a mobile rig?

Hey David
If you want a bottle in a few years, just say the words. It is really just something to share with friends or for late nights. Remind me in a few years. I’ll send you a bottle for free if you cover shipping. Remember, my memory is close to non-existent. Just email me and I’ll send it out once it is ready.

Thanks, Ray. Very generous. I have a good memory :slight_smile: