Map Question: Where is Chambolle Musigny Les Veroilles ?

Sipping on a wonderful 09 Barthod Les Veroilles.
The maps says this area is all village.
Where is the 1er cru section? On the border of Bonne Mares?

Yes, it borders Bonnes Mares.
Hers is the only portion that is a 1er. Bruno Clair is the other producer with holdings, and his vines are quite young, and don’t have nearly the depth of her wine. Her vines are older, 50+ years, and have great upper slope tension and depth.
I tasted with her on Thurdsday afternoon; she has to be one of the sweetest people on the Cote. The 2011s are starting to come together, but were still showing a bit disjointed. Les Cras still kicked major butt nonetheless.

Thanks so much Robert. It makes sense. This wine has so much intensity. Almost painful. A lot like Bonne Mares when young. Not as much length but again who can complain? Thanks for the explanation. It is much appreciated.

She has referred to it as a baby Bonnes Mares a few times while tasting, fwiw.
I love that kind of ‘painful’ intensity and tension; upper slope stuff does it for me…

Don, sounds like a good one!

She has some of the best holdings while still not having a Grand Cru! Just beautiful wines.

Ironically, the map Ghislaine has in her cellar to point out where the vineyards are is old and still shows her Véroilles as village wine.