Making Nancy Silverton's Focaiccia

Roasted red pepper and Mozz. focaccia with thyme and sea salt

onion & mozz. focaccia with sage

inspired (following the bread part of the recipe) by

looks great Mel - how’s it taste?

Pretty good but next time I’m going to use the recommended 10 inch pan instead of the 9’s I used.
The focaccia is a bit tall for easy consumption. She calls for 1/4 cup of olive oil in the bottom of each pan and I could see backing that off a bit as the slices are plenty rich on their own.

Nice work Mel!

Her focaccia is DRENCHED in olive oil, in an over-the-top, sinfully delicious sort of way. On occasion, I’ve walked into “Mozza2Go” just as fresh foccaccia came out of the oven. That is some GOOD eats.

How much olive oil is in the dough, Mel? From the look of the crumb in your last photo, it doesn’t look like much (sorry, on a mobile and can’t access the recipe)

Very little oil in the dough I think it was a tablespoon there is about 2oz of cheese pushed into the dough
And that makes the focaccia pretty rich in my book…

This goes along with how my Grandmother made her focaiccia, it was almost to the point to the point of “oven frying” since the dough had oil all around it. I take it as the original recipe for us, since this was a staple on our dinner table with her back as far as we remember.