Making a batch of wine in Italy (if interested let me know)

I am really into a phase of Italian wine, last fall I spent 40 days in Piedmont and “long story short” I met with many amazing winemakers, young and innovative. I guess one can say many wine regions in the world are going though a rediscovery phase, new talented people are jumping in and bringing their A game. For Italy in particularly this is also true, for what I have seen so far. I was lucky to have with me some winemakers that introduced me to some inner circle events and small producers, some of them are real gems. Anyway, since I always wanted to learn the “nuts and bolts” of making wine I found a small producer who was ok to help me there and I started making a first ‘small’ batch. Take it with a grain of salt, when I say making is actually learning every step of the way, however it is not sanitary to actually do the winemaker work at some of the steps :slight_smile: To be frank I thought making wining was way easier, textbook is something, real life is another thing :slight_smile: I have even more respect now when I open any bottle. Any! Anyway, I liked this “game” and I am going back there in March to talk to other winemakers I already met in different regions. In addition to Nebbiolo, I also want to do something with Aglianico, Schiopettino, Carricante, Nerello Marcarello, among other grapes. To be frank if I do it all it will be a lot of wine and €€€ for me, so in case anyone in interested we could join forces and share batches. This is a hobby of mine and I reaaally enjoyed this. I guess anyone can curate a list of wineries to visit, have their network and a nice cellar. But what triggers me is really some accountability about what I am drinking. Maybe I buy something in the future, who knows. So far I am very happy with this way of learning and meeting the best people in the industry. Anyway, if you’d think it is for you, let me know.

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