Maison Ilan 2010 MSD Les Chaffots

Decided to open one of my Maison Ilan bottles. My last 2010 MSD Les Chaffots. Very light colored wine. Nose lovely aromatic red fruit with spices. Taste medium bodied, red fruit, minerals, medium acidity, good length. Elegant wine. Would be better with some more body, but this is a very good drink.

That’s nice to hear that there are some positive notes coming out of these wines for the folks that took the risk…I never did. Glad you’re enjoying the wine

We opened a 2011 recently; it was ok.

Initially I found it to be really promising, but found myself waiting, waiting, waiting for it really to deliver.

At least you are not waiting for the wine to be delivered… ha!


Three posts and two about MI

Good job explaining the joke.

Hi Bill, I understand your concerns.:slight_smile: I have over 900 tasting notes on Cellartracker (I am Burgaddict over there, you can check them out). I like to follow WB and because of all the Maison Ilan discussions I have posted some tasting notes on WB. I have bought and personally collected 2009, 2010 and 2011 Ilan wines, I stopped buying after 2011 because it was difficult to retrieve the wines. I have drunk 18 Ilan bottles up till now, only one was syrupy and bad, all others were good to excellent.

Isn’t the whole thread about Maison Ilan? [scratch.gif] It does say that right in the title.

Hi Ralph
Bill was referring to Peter’s posts across the forum, rather than the number of posts on this thread.

Classy response from Peter IMO. [cheers.gif]


My pleasure. Any time.

So, how long until a bunch of recently discovered perfectly stored 2010’s hit Acker?

Right after the recently discovered and perfectly stored 1990s pass through