Magic Hat Humdinger Series Over the Pils (imperial pilsner)

yuck. Think about what a nice Pilsner fortified to 8.1% ABV would taste like and you will understand this beer. Boozy nose and palate, with alcohol sweetness destroying what could possibly be the profile of a nice, refreshing pilsner. Seriously, I don’t mind some high octane beers, but this does not have the bones to support it in any way. I’ve had beers at 10+% that tasted far less boozy than this one at 8.1%, and I’ve had many around the same ABV that held it well, very much unlike this brew. I’m sorry I don’t have a more detailed note; I had it last night, but I think I’ve covered the main points.

I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to beer brands, but I’ve never had a Magic Hat that I’d buy again. But your example above, does, in fact, sound gross.

+1. Ditto, for me, re: Brooklyn.