Madrigal Winery Sold

Received a sad email today from Madrigal Winery in Calistoga that they have sold their winery on 29. No word on the buyers or the price.

Doesn’t say who they sold to. I always thought they were good/solid fairly priced wines.

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Guessing they will make an announcement when the deal is signed on 6/23. Just a guess but the private equity firm they’ve been working with for a few years is probably involved somehow.

We met Chris a long time ago at Napa Wine Company. In 2003, we were touring the facility looking for a custom crush and he was making Madrigal wines there. It’s a very small world in Napa and years later we wound up getting some petite sirah fruit from him.

Agree, their wines were a solid QPR and we recommended them to many.

I worked with someone whose last name was Madrigal. I bought the wine just so I could give her some whenever I visited which delighted her to no end. Decent value for Cabernet and Petite Sirah.

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