Madrid Restaurant reco

We are planning a trip to Spain in May. We’ve got San Sebastian and Barcelona all settled, but were wondering about Madrid. Of the following, how would you rank in order of preference for reservations?

We are only there 3 nights. We already have Diver XO on one night:

Street XO
Smoked Room
Ugo Chan
Desde 1911
La Buena Vida

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Loved food and list at Angelitas

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Loved Angelitas as well but Google said temporarily closed so hopefully just for holiday. Fantastic wine and meal and value too. Cocktail bar downstairs is also a must.

I’d also recommend Taberno Laredo for classic dishes and very deep and fairly prices wine list.

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Well based on where I’ve wanted to go but not actually been in would be Desde 911.

Spain does seafood better than any other country (other than Japan) and I usually go to O Pazo - because I’m too late to get into Desde 911.

Doubly so if percebes can be had!

Never thought about it but I’d agree about Spain.

I would prioritize Desde 1911 and then either Saddle or La Buena Vida, depending on desired atmosphere and style of cooking: Saddle is luxe and a bit Frenchified, La Buena Vida has more of a neighorhood restaurant feel (but what a neighborhood restaurant!).

I ate at Angelita and loved it, when visiting in June '22.
I also did a lunch at Quimbaya, *M with Columbian influenced food. Was delicious. Had never eaten ants before, amongst several other items, so it was really interesting and would go back. Did the wine pairing as well, which was quite good.
I loved Madrid and didn’t have bad food anywhere. For a large city, they know how to switch off, and eat … drink … relax.