MacDonald Retrospective New York Offline UPDATED JANUARY 2019

No, I did not forget, but due to some family medical issues that have taken up time and diverted my attention, I have not been able to push this down the court and now I have too many conflicts, so we’re moving the date to January 2019.

After the various comments below, my best synthesis of an idea is to A) make sure we cover all of the vintages; B) get as many bottles of MacDonald in house as possible (multiple bottles of each vintage) to make sure everyone gets a good healthy pour; and C) have a limited number of non-MacDonald attendees based upon space availability who are willing to pledge bottles of things like Tete de Cuvee Champagnes as starters and d’Yquem or Nacional or similar items for dessert. My current thinking about a location is Bobby Vans on 54th Street in Manhattan. There will be an excess of red meat. For those who thing that MacDonald will go well with vegetarian food, I will ask the chef to make you something. They have a private room and a bigger mostly private room so there is flexibility if we schedule mid-week. I will coordinate with Graeme and Alex - I have already asked them for their availability during January. If you have comments, please yell at me below. I will post an exact date as soon as I work that out with the boys and the restaurant. I want to start early so we have plenty of time to watch the wines develop and not be rushed.

PS - I got my 2015 today.

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I have every vintage of MacDonald Cab since 2010. I do not have the 2009 (although I have tasted it two or three times) because Alex quoted a price of $1 million per bottle and I told him what to do with it. neener I am prepared to put up one or maybe more of my bottles to create a vertical of all MacDonald Cabs ever made.

So here is the idea. We will have a six or seven (if someone has a 2009) bottle MacDonald vertical offline at which we will all put up a bottle of MacDonald and if there is room left, others can join in with something else. Suggesting DRC as a counterpoint is too aggressive, but if anyone wants to offer one up, I will guaranty a seat. Screaming Eagle is in the DRC category. I have had neither of those.

I suggest only one rule - NO DUMP BUCKETS.


I have a '14 MacDonald, along with other horrible wine such as:

EMH Special Selection.
Myriad and Sojourn G3.

Jay, I’m definitely in if I can make it work with my travel schedule.

Only have a '14 MACDONALD, but could bring other stuff

I think 14 people is too many people to really get a taste of each bottle. Would cap at 10, or 12 at most, if the idea is for everyone to taste each wine.

I have some recent vintage MACDONALD, as well as older Schrader, Scarecrow, Araujo, Maybach. Depending on date, I would be interested, but if it’s Nov/Dec, I will most likely be in Florida!

No MacDoanld here, but can provide Maybach, SQN, or champagne

Jay - I’d be interested as well. However, I’d be in camp (B). November or December works as long as it’s not Sunday :slight_smile:

I’d like to attend. I can bring a 2015 MAC. Assuming that it’s delivered by then.

I am advised that the 2015 will ship the end of October, weather permitting.

My 2014 was delivered on Nov. 21.

I am definitely interested. I have the 13,14 and 15 but it sounds like the 13 works as others have offered the 14 and 15 or have other Cali Cults.

You have the 2015 already?

Since I take partial blame at the tasting, I will be there with a '13 MacDonald

I’d like to come to NYC again to drink with all of you, but I’m limited on these wines. I would have 14/15 MacDonald but other options would be mostly Bordeaux.

“Once the 15s deliver”… says the OP.

Absolutely have the 15s already ! When I landed my private jet in Napa then flew my solar powered helicopter onto the propertyI asked the brothers after the tasting if I could have an early release for the road and they complied. :wink: In all seriousness meant to say I will have 15s soon

Erez I already offered up the 13 but can easily offer a Greer a Materium a Myriad Elysian or others if you wish to fill that spot, or have some awesome champagne to offer. As I usually bring 2 blts can bring a red AND the bubbly.

Like many here, I only have the 2014, but have a few other California Cabs that I could offer.

Clearly there’s an opportunity to test the differences in popping/pouring, slow-oxing and decanting wines by blind tasting multiple bottles of 2014 and/or 2015!

Did not see that before [cheers.gif]
You’d bring the '13, and I’d open the list of bubblies in my cellar and bring one with some nice age :slight_smile:
(you can bring one too, I never say no to more bubbles)

Dan, if you are going to offer one of my horrible wines, I opened a 2013 Special Selection for some Seattle friends and a Sommelier and some restaurant staff yesterday…it’s in a good place for a young wine. Not a cult wine, but in the horrible wine section.

Dr. Lenchner might be able to help you out in a pinch…a 2014 Special or Sparkles. People really going to open 2015s? I wonder how my 2015 Lady Sapphire Single Barrel is doing, but I don’t wonder enough to open one for myself.