MacDonald | Beta/Jasud | Sandlands | Maître de Chai Wine and now...TIDINGSs! UPDATE FOR A TASTING NOTE!

Hoping to get 2 of the Cab and one of each Syrah. Fingers Crossed.

Wait…that’s a different release…

Order in. Only 1 cab due to the small harvest, but wish listed another. Ordered White Hawk syrah last time so decided to try Bien Nacido syrah this time.

Only had Wish List ability. Hope to get some.

Offer is live. I missed the first offering, so I wasn’t allocated anything :sob:. I was able to wish list 2 of each item. I’m hoping I get something, but I don’t think I will.


No email for me.

I did not get an email - but went to the website to see if there was an allocation.

Edit - my email just came through after I put in my wish list requests!

Wish listed 3 bottles and I’m hoping they will be able to be fulfilled.

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Order in for 9 bottles and wish listed one extra cab.

Order in for the max, 3 of each. Also wish listed another cab.

3 cab, 2 BN, 1 WH this round.

1 of each and wish listed for more.

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order for the cab in!

just got my email. 1 of each was availible.

Email received and order in. Very excited to taste these and to continue to support Reid.


I was allocated one bottle of each. I’m not a big Syrah drinker. I added the single bottle of cab to the cart, but $50 shipping for one bottle is going to be more than I’m Interested in. Guess I will have to pass for this year.


Order in for 1 of each.

Wishlist for me as first offer, not holding my breath for any.

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Logged in before receiving the email as I had set a reminder for myself. Was allocated and purchased 3 of each. I did not wishlist given the limited production and other folks who want to try to get some.

I did login early the first offer and was able to purchase 3x at that time, so not sure if my allocation is reflective of my first purchase or the timing of todays login.

Hope you guys get some of your wish list requests.

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Was allocated 2 Cab with a wishlist request of 1. Was allocated 3 last time. But just put in my order so might have been late.

Made a timing mistake on initial release so made sure to be ready this time…only granted wishlist. 2 each of the Syrah’s. Guessing, based on comments, this will be a long shot.