Lyon wine sellers

Hello everyone,

I’m planning a brief getaway with my wife early next month to Lyon.

Any experience with good wine sellers there? Ideally looking for one with an online catalog. Bistro/restaurant suggestions with good winelists also welcome…

Leon de Lyon is one of my top restaurants in the world. It is the first place I go whenever visiting France.

Leon de Lyon
1, Rue Pleney-angle Rue Du Platre
Lyon 69001
Phone: 330472101112
FAX: 330472101113" onclick=";return false;

Hotel des Beaux-Arts
73, Rue du Président Edouard Herriot
69002 Lyon
Phone: +33 (4) 78 38 09 50
FAX: (+33)4/78421919

This hotel I stay at, of course, is walking distance to Leon de Lyon and a lot of the main shopping. Enjoy!

Ok other things/places:
Restaurant La Romanee
19 r. Rivet LYON
Phone: 33 (0)4 72 00 80 87

Maison Borie
3 place antonin Perrin
69007 LYON

HARD TO FIND. GET DIRECTIONS, a MAP and a PHONE NUMBER with a working cell in your car. This is one of those “I can see it but how do the roads connect to it, type places” I drive up from Ampuis so that could be part of the problem, but a cab from within Lyon is probably a great idea. Too far from the hotel to walk.

Thanks Jeff, what sort of prices are there at Leon de Lyon? Without wine of course.

Thanks again,



there are a few stores I can recommend, but none with an online catalogue or something like that.

If you are in Geneva - like myself - you have 3 hours to Chateauneuf and 2 hours to Burgundy. No
need to spend too much money in wine shops, buy directly at the Domaines and you´ll safe some 40% [dance-clap.gif]


Thanks Christian,

I do love the proximity to the great regions here…we are very lucky.

Nevertheless, I still enjoy ambling about in wine stores whenever I travel…looking for interesting bottles. So far in Lyon I believe it will come down to a single wine store by the name of Antic Wines (formerly The Flying Sommelier). I’ve been in correspondence with the owner and he has some interesting Rhone wines at keen prices.


I won’t be much help on price. I always go in early January and get their full black truffle menu. I honestly have never even looked at any other option. Sorry.


no a physical shop, but try" onclick=";return false; for a good range of Chateauneufs,
sometimes at Domaine prices.


You come from the US to Lyon for a truffle menue ? You surely must be a gourmet aeh gourmand…


Not a truffle menu, but what I consider THE truffle menu.

Only Gourmard in Paris has a dish with truffles that is worthy to be included in the same sentence in my experience.