LTB SQN Dessert Wines (Mr. K Iceman) & Shackled

Looking to buy single bottles or 3 packs of Sine Qua Non Dessert wines 2006 Mr. K Iceman and the recently released Shackled.

Have you had The Ice Man before? I’m a fan of ice wines, but haven’t had the opportunity to have that one before.

I have had several of the other SQN Mr. K wines, including The Noble Man and The Straw Man of various vintages, and have loved all of them.

I still have some 2002, 2003, and 2006 Noble Man as well as 2002 Straw Man, in case you branch out beyond Ice Man! :wink:

Hi Al - yes have tried the 2006 Noble Man, Straw Man, and the Ice man. I love SQN and Loved the Kracher line.

Looks like I found a couple of Ice mans. So excited! I have plenty of 06 Noble and Straw so thank you for the offer, all set.


Nice, please post a TN the next time you try The Ice Man!

Bump - turns out the Iceman bottlles were Straw man …,. anyone have any SQN Iceman for sale?

bump - still looking to buy SQN Shackled - anyone have some they are willing to sell?

Bump - still looking to buy additional 2012 SQN Petite Manseng Vin de Paille “Shackled” … anyone have any extra they are willing to sell?