LTB Scarecrow 2013

Still looking for a few more 3-packs pls


Sellers beware.

Adrian refused to send payment after agreeing to a price to purchase my allocation. PM’ed several times with no reply as to where funds are.

FWIW- I have done countless transactions with Adrian. His lag time is sometimes very long and frustrating, but he is has always come through and we have never had any deals go south.

I can’t speak to your issues Bill, but I want to make sure to let people know that I haven’t had the same experience.

Understood. Lag time is fine for some, but no money in my hand and $1000 of wine in his is not my idea o cool.

You wanted a cheque payment. I am in UK. I had to go and get you a cashiers cheque and then mail it. This all takes more than 10 minutes.

I told you I had sent it. I can’t help that us mail takes more than 1.week.

We have bought loads here. I always come through.

BTW - where is my Schrader I bought from you that the winery won’t release to me as you were told last ye

all good deals with Adrian

It is waiting for you to pick up under your name.

they wont let aero have it. she has been twice.

i sent the cheque from here last week

i dont know how long it takes, sorry

everyone who got paid by transfer have got their money with in 3 days. its the easiest and cheapest

I am pretty new here but feel it’s appropriate to post my 2 cents:

I’ve also sold to Mr Walsh and had a rather pleasant experience. I can attest for delays but solely based upon the difference in time and continent.

I also know there is an area to post grievances. I’m sure Bill is familiar with that so it would appear this inflammatory posting is nothing short of bad taste.

I will vouch for Adrian. Completed a large transfer in a very efficient manner.
Sellers need not beware. Trust Adrian.

Yeah, trust him. Wine shipped and I have no check. Looks like I got f*cked for a grand.

One word to solve all this


PayPal must not work in England. Kind of like the banks in France being closed on Monday.

direct transfer is even easier

Looks like we had a communication issues across The Pond. All is well here as payment was received and wines to be delivered.

Sorry for the drama.

This was not the spot for this drama. This belonged in feedback all along.