LTB: Fine Wine

If you are following the fine wine market, which by virtue of you being on this site my guess is that you are, you are aware that prices across almost all categories are hot! As always, top tier Burgundy has been leading the charge, but we have seen incredible results in Cult Napa and premier producers in other regions as well.

If cellar downsizing is in your future, you should start sooner rather than later. Cash in while the market is strong! We offer full payouts upon pickup (by check or wire) and pay above auction hammers with no hidden fees. We will work with you to get the prices you want on your beloved collection. Our tremendous international reach means that we can find buyers in other markets and can broker out collections with ease.

Send us your list for consideration today and we will get an offer back to you within 48 hours! We have the best team in the industry and are at your service to get you the best possible results.

You can PM me or send me an email for deets.