LTB: 2019 Peter Lauer Schonfels Riesling Faß 11 Großes Gewächs

I thought I had secured a 6 pack of these at a good price, but the inventory didn’t materialize and now it’s more difficult to find them.

I can buy some right now from Manhattan Wine Co. for $60. If anyone can beat that, I’m interested in 5 of them. I don’t expect bargains, just to do a little better than $60.

Thanks for looking!

Lopa had a pre-arrival offer on them awhile ago for $45. I ordered some but last I checked (late February) they weren’t bringing them into the U.S. until after a couple more German offers came through. Might be worth asking Scott if you can grab some still.

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You sure it wasn’t for the '18, Brian?

Yes, it was all 2019s

Well, damn. I missed that one. has a bunch of the Lauer '19s on pre-arrival at solid prices (although it looks like they recently bumped them each ~$5). I’m in for a split case myself, which I’ve been told will arrive sometime this summer.

Could be a decent option if you’re in no rush.

What is Lopa?

Thank you very much.