Low carb diet effects on wine

I’ve been doing the Keto thing recently, with very little sugar in my diet. I opened a bottle of 2014 zin last night…the first sip was like an explosion of flavor I’ve never experienced before. It was like my taste buds were on steroids - completely changed from how I would typically experience a wine like this. Have others had similar experiences? Fascinating to me how changing your diet can impact your taste experience.

Imagine how good carbs will be. Lol

No doubt changing your diet will have a significant impact on how things taste…especially with drastically reducing sugar intake (imo). Actually, for me, fasting has a huge affect on my palate. I usually do one meal a day, and really enjoy my food during that feeding period, however, after breaking a 48-72 hour fast…OMG does food taste amazing. It’s crazy. Keto is pretty great. It can be restrictive…like hard to drink wine and be on the Keto diet…but i like cycling between Keto and just a low carb/balanced diet.

Off vintage biodynamic Chinon will probably taste like Martinelli Zin for awhile.


I’ve experienced the exact same thing. My taste buds are focused and my recognition and awareness of tasting senses are extremely heightened. Plus, less wine = better effects [wink.gif]

I guess I’m the odd man out. I don’t notice a significant change when coming off a fast or with carb and/or fat levels in my diet. When I do notice a difference it’s related to allergies or mood. Somehow wine almost always taste a little better on Friday or Saturday than any other day of the week.

I’ve noticed this after not eating sugar for a while, but not carbs overall. W/o sugar, my palate is sharper, and sweetness in wine is more noticeable.

When I am doing Keto - I stick to bone dry Italian white wines - and never touch a red -

Try long-term caloric deprivation. Even cheap wines will be drinkable.

How does one drink any wine on a Keto diet? There are plenty of carbohydrates in wine. Is it just for a “splurge”, or do you all do this on a regular basis with Keto diets.

This is one thing that makes Keto dieting difficult for me. I did one years ago and lost a bunch of weight but during that time didn’t touch any alcohol at all. Would love a way to have a bit of wine while being Keto.

Under 4g carbs for red or white wine for a glass (sweet wines and some Roses are higher but still under 6) is pretty low carb.

The Keto thing may be different but low carb allows wine and spirits … Atkins suggests none for first two weeks so you use your 25 g on veg instead but after that a glass or two not an issue generally.

Yes, for me was a splurge. And I’m just on this for a brief period of time, ~30 days.

Ketogenic diets allow for up to 40g of carbs daily during maintenance, depending on the individual. I remain in ketogenesis at even higher amounts. So, one can certainly consume wine.

Yes! Thank you for addressing this! Since four months of keto, my tolerance for sweetness in beverages generally has lowered significantly, to the point where I can barely drink soda or juice during cheat-days. No wonder the ‘12 Amiot-Servelle Chambolle 1er Charmes I had the other day suddenly felt perfectly rich and ripe [dance-clap.gif]