Lovingston Pinotage 2011 Monticello Gilbert’s Vineyard

Pinotage 2011 Monticello
Gilbert’s Vineyard
Lovingston, VA
Got this last spring from WBer Matt Brown @ Wine Warehouse, Charlottesville when we were down there
13.5%. Hand picked, double sorted, small lot fermented gravity flow.
About $25* IIRC.

A bit disjointed and drying on opening. But after about 40 min it settled down and became quite interesting. Good balance and length, compelling. Drinks very nicely.

Conclusion: Matt is an A+++++++++++ guy! If you’re in the area, stop by.

*excluding surcharge!


Careful with those +++, you might piss off Holdredge.
Appreciate the notes for Lovingston. I think they are under the radar in Virginia because they purposely don’t go for oaked up, flashy wines that only work every other year. Their winemaker Riaan is completely brilliant/insane, and if he were working in any other region he’d be one of the young hot shots to watch.
BTW: The Pinotage is actually $25, though I may have made it $30 for you [cheers.gif] Berserkers surcharge and whatnot. Ask Chris Tuttle and Ian Fitzsimmons, I’ve been upcharging them for years…

Yes, it really is interesting. Love to try it in 10 yrs, I had the sense it will develop. Still have a Chard from you that I haven’t opened. Another from you was the King Family Vineyards Meritage 2011, also young and interesting, but not quite as much as the Lovingston IMO. Actually, while down there I had a Rockbridge Cabernet Franc 2005 DeChiel Reserve which was really something–and that from a guy who usually doesn’t like Cab Franc!

And re Holdredge, don’t worry–he can take it!

Rockbridge is one of the old guard of Virginia winemaking. Shep Rouse is the anti-Kluge/Trump, zero flash and propaganda, incredibly respected, and capable of pulling wines with character from seemingly nothing. His V d’Or is one of the better dessert wines on the East Coast.

Great to see this note. I’ve had the pleasure of being at Wine Warehouse when the winemaker was pouring and I recall him explaining the crazy level of care that went into his pinotage, to the point where he was sleeping next to the vats during fermentation (or something along those lines.)
Clearly some dedication there. And the wines, as Matt notes, tend to be stars of the area.

Thanks Dave. Next time bring your cat in so I can get a face associated with the avatar [cheers.gif]
And if you see an SUV around town with plates that say ‘PNOTAGE’, honk and give them a thumbs up, as they are the owners of Lovingston Winery. Super cool family.

Not only that, but we have to listen Matt go on about Chelsea. neener

Come over to the EPL thread and we’ll have an avatar battle next weekend [pillow-fight.gif]

You know, I could have sworn I heard snoring while drinking that wine, but didn’t want to put that in my TN–people already think I’m crazy enough! [snort.gif] neener newhere pileon

Chris, was that you I met (very briefly) at WW last May while I was buying wine from Matt? (would have been Fri afternoon 5/24)

I am actually in va this week and will be coming through cville near the end of the week…whats the name of your store, I will stop by and let you overcharge me too :slight_smile:!

Sure was, Peter!