Lovely wines (beside the premox)

a nice December evening with good friends, sharing nice wines. Short notes :slight_smile:

Huber BdB 2011
Not much exp with German bubbles - but this was very nice. An elegant bubbly, certainly classic cool chardonnay notes in the nose awaking interest. Good level of maturity, still nerve and energy, but also complexity and depth. 90p

Puligny Montrachet Garenne Prudhon 2015
Well Dujac Morey Denis blanc 2007 had premox… so this was back-up. Great value for money, good balance between minerals and fruit - citrus and flowers in the nose :slight_smile: good length and complexity in the mouth. Do not have much 2015 blanc bourgogne - but actually this was excellent. 92p

Mystery Bordeaux bottle with age… no label or led. Cork difficult to read, but most likely a Chateaux from Margaux 1934
Opened 4 hours before dinner, slow ox. amazing umami nose when opening, 100p quality. 4 hours later the nose was less intense, but still top nice with classic mature notes, matured meaty, plummy and tobaco notes. So balanced and complex. Layers of dark berry fruit in the mouth, complex, long and satisfying. 95p


Clos de la Roche Lucien le Moine 2013
Still youngish, but gives a lot of pleasure already now. Deep complex nose, great harmony with notes of forest floor and cherry fruit. Serious in the mouth, good structure but good balance with mature dark fruit. Good length and very yummy. Women in party loved this one :slight_smile: 95p

Love the notes on the old mystery Bordeaux - sounds like a real treat! What’s the story on that one?

Yes, fun, interesting notes. Thanks.

Rich, I purchased a large batch of different old bordeaux wines on auction. Many of the wines had no vintage visible, and some no label.

When I picked them up, I found out that it was a real treasure - and I should have purchased many more lots, as prices were low - average around 60 euro. The person from the auction house told me, that they picked up the wines from a cold temperature controlled cellar, and they tasted some of the old burgundies that were still great.

I have drunk some, but still have around 10 bottles of oldies - most from good vintages. 1928,1929,1934,1937. and chateau bottled. Best so far is Conseillante 1937 - I still have on more bottle of this :slight_smile:

I am still annoyed not being able to figure out the mystery wine from the cork… I can somewhat figure out 1934 written at the top and Margaux (as the aux is visible - not the marg) at the bottom. But chateau name is a puzzle. Seems to say …NEG…S… and I cannot spot a Chateau with that name in Margaux or other place… As the nose was simply amazing when opening I am pretty sure it was a Margaux.

Awesome story and great score Asger - thanks for sharing!