Lotus of Siam

Will be having dinner at LoS (Flamingo) in a couple weeks. Will be my first time; any can’t miss dishes or recent experiences with their wine list? I was kicking around the idea of BYOB but was told their wine list is quite reasonable and I should order off the list

My favorite dishes are the Nam Prik Ong and the Crispy Garlic Prawns w/ a side of panang curry to dip them in.

The beef jerky is always great, and I love the larb.

The wine list is very good. Especially for riesling. Can never remember which of the two locations has the better wine list. Aaron the sommelier is really cool and helpful.

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As of a couple of weeks ago (per my daughter who lives nearby; and their website) the Sahara location is still closed. The newer location (Flamingo) is the only choice.


Good to know, thanks.

+1 on beef jerky with sticky rice. Also there is a crispy rice dish that is amazing, it was an appetizer or a salad. So good, great choice in restaurants.

Off topic, but last time we were in Vegas we also had Korean BBQ for the first time in LV - a place called Hobak that was really excellent. It’s in a strip mall next to a great Asian coffee house, also.

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Nam Kao Tod

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I have not been in a few years, but it is one of my favorites. Have not been since it was the meandering many room place on Sahara where waiting guests crammed in a small spot or be in the heat. But the food was worth it. I can’t remember all the foods I’ve had there as we shared plates to taste as many things as possible.

I remember their wine list was much more extensive than what is online Lotus of Siam | Wine

We went to the Flamingo location a couple days ago. For the first time ever, Lotus of Siam was not amazing. And, not only was it not amazing, it was the average at best.

The chicken wonton appetizer was the first thing that hit the table and it was excellent. Things went downhill after that.

The crispy garlic prawn appetizer was actually very good, but I was surprised that it was not the appetizer with which I am familiar; it used to be wrapped in prosciutto, and then a couple layers of phyllo dough – – – that is no longer the case. And this is quite unfortunate, as that appetizer was always our favorite thing to order.

The papaya salad was average.

The sweet-and-sour chicken was bland.

The drunken noodles were mushy, and stuck together in a big ball.

The pork larb was “good,” which is significantly worse than it has been in the past.

And the Pad Prik King was good.

I am really hoping this showing was location-dependent, and not a reflection of the overall quality one can expect at all locations.