Lotus of Siam, Vegas, Dec 9th. Who's going?

It is going to be fun. We’ve got two so far. sign up now before all of the beef jerky is gone. Plus, I’ll order my special dish that you’ll get to try for the first time. [berserker.gif]

Here is a list- we are at 10 now:

Bob +1
Mark +1
Matt +1
Motorcycle Bob

We’ll hold at this number for now, as 10 is a good size for a table, and everyone will get a 2oz pour of a full bottle. I have also started a wait list.
I have found out that there is a possibility that other Berserkers may show up that night last minute as well to say hi, share wine, harrass us, or a combination of all three.

I actually fly into Vegas that night, but don’t think I’ll be there in time to make it. However, at some point during my trip I will make a visit, as I have never been before. Really looking forward to it.

What time are you flying in? We’ll be going late.
Also, Eric will be in town in Friday night.


I’m still with you.

For anyone else considering this, Bob is a great person to dine at LOS with.

Might be possible. It would be fun to do this again. PANAAANG!!

Yes, I flay back into town on Friday.

hey fellas -

just confirmed my travel out to LAS. please let me know what i should bring. looking forward to meeting everyone.
will probably be a +1 if that’s ok.


I’ve heard so many good things about this place. Count me in +1

Any of you who’ve never been: after going here one time, you will never again do Vegas the way you used to. I wish I could be there; you’re all going to have a fabulous time. [cheers.gif]

I cant wait! I don’t really gamble but i’ve been to Vegas three times in the last 6 months thanks to Allegiant Air and their crazy cheap prices ($70 RT from Santa Maria). Its all about craving my other addiction, food! [snort.gif]

Neither do I. Lotus tops my (short) list of reasons to visit Vegas.

I don’t gamble either. It’s all about LOS and desert side trips. If I can make it, Ill have lunch and dinner on the 8th and luhch on the 9th as a warmup. I’m hoping my motorcycle is back together by then so can ride via Death Valley. Money’s tight so 55mpg is a help, as is the $16.99 king internet special at Texas Station.

C’mon Brian, what’s holding you back? Can I tempt you with a 5yr old He-brew 9th Anniversary Jew-belation?

This is coming together nicely. I really hope you can make it out Bob, let me know if you need help finding a place to stay. It will be nice meeting Matt and Mark.

Brian, did you blow too much money on your trip. neener you could probably ride on the back of Bob’s bike.

Translated to bikerspeak that would be “you could ride BoB on Bob’s bike.”

BoB = bitch on back

Thanks for the offer of lodging help. If you can beat $16.99 (not including “amenity fee”) I’m all ears.

I have a slew of excuses for this one … while maybe none of them alone are good enough, combine them all and it’s just not a “smart” move for me to make. Trust me, it will be easy-peasy to get me to come out for many of these in the future. There’s nothing like (LV) LOS! flirtysmile

Joe, I appreciate your offer of BoBb, but I’ll pass. [snort.gif]

I updated the list with the attendees. Sorry about taking so long to do that, but as some of you know, I have been a little preoccupied lately. [bow.gif]

It looks like a good crowd so far! 8 is a reaosnable number to hold it at (if Bob makes it), and we can stretch it to 10 if needed. Especially, if Brians stops acting likely a girly-man and comes! [tease.gif]

I’m 90% at this point.

it looks as if we are at 8 people now, and I just got a message from others who are considering, which I will answer soon.
I am not at all big into planning wine flights, etc. I think free-for-all is the best way to go. My plan is to get the 2004 Verget off the list- it is a fantastic white burg that I want people to try. I’ll either order a bottle of reisling as well, or bring a henry of Pelham from home. And maybe a little something else as fits.

The new dining room can accommodate larger groups then before. I have seen them put the row of tables together and easily seat 20. I will probably purchase off the list and bring a 2007 Myrat that Brian G has raved about.

I have some younger Keller rieslings that would go well with this cuisine.