lots of tn from my birthday cookout

a few friends got together at my favorite local winery to grill some food and drink some wine. it was also to celebrate my birthday and i thank everyone who made it.

2000 guenoc chardonnay “genevieve magoon” - deep yellow in color, someone said urine sample…its getting old and tired. oaky and buttery still but not much of a finish. ok to drink but not great

2002 deiss engelgarden - lve it. honey, petrol, caramel nose. waxy mouthfeel. lemons and pepper on the finish. lovely. even better than the last bottle a few months ago

1992 plam vineyards napa cab - new producer to me. apparently still around and looks affordable. this was exactly what i think of with an aged ca cab of good quality (not great quality) deep purple, black cherry,cedar, currant, smoke, violets, mocha and still some tannins. pretty tasty and balanced out well with air. nice suprise. anyone have any info about these guys?

2005 inman family ogv pinot - had to open this since my last bottle was flawed. this one was singing! smoky raspberry nose. soft and velvety with good acid. finish had green and black pepper with juicy cranberry notes. i emailed kathleen and told her of my much better bottle

2002 weinbach riesling cuvee theo - excellent place right now. petrol and lemon peel on the nose. the palate was tangerine and minerals. solid acid core and rich spice finish. love weinbach

2004 rosenblum rockpile petite sirah - (disclaimer i used to work at the md wholesaler for rosenblum and my store carries this wine) dark ruby color, HUGE fruit. jammy blackberry, smoky plum. full bodied and oaky with a tannic finish. i think these are just excellent petites and the rockpile terrior restrains rosenblums style so well.

2001 talbot - dusty cherry and cedar sone with smoke, cranberry, and some good old funk. red currant fruit and a spicy earthy finish. notes of bloody meat. showing very well. will drink at peak for a while but i dont see it getting much better. which is fine. just a tasty bottle

2005 schramsberg blanc de noir - lovely lemon curn nose with toasty bread. slightly nutty. just damn tasty

1997 mulderbosch faithful hound - havent had this in a while and it still shows a lot like a bordeaux. slightly stinky nose with green pepper and cherries and blackberry. showing a little bit of heat i think this might be on the decline, but it has been fun to watch evolve

had more of the 2003 chamarre jurancon from the other night. still tasty but much more of a “sit down and focus on the subtlety” kind of wine the cookout

then some kluge cru. its a virginia made chardonnay based dessert wine with chardonnay brandy blended in. sort of like a white port. showed a little hot tonight. i have a different opinion of it every time i have it. but generally like it.

anyway, it was a good time!

Nice notes. I’ve always enjoyed the Rockpile Zin but I’ve never seen the Petite. I’ll try to find one. That Kluge wine sounds quite…ummm… odd!

By the way, I think we can do a bake sale or something for you. You really need a new keyboard with a shift key! neener

Happy Birthday!

If you like the Cru, you will LOVE a similar style wine from another VA winery, Pollack Vineyards. Should be released this fall/winter, called ‘Mille Fleur’ (or ‘A Thousand Flowers’, hope that’s spelled right), and absolutely dusts the Cru.

the zin is very good, but they also make a little bit of syrah and petite sirah which are both pretty killer.

the kluge is odd because i always have a different impression of it. this time it was good but not great. not sure if it is temperature sensitive or it is based on my mood or what.

yeah i am pretty bad with a shift key! im just a lazy s.o.b.!!

thanks matt!
i have heard about pollack vineyards but have never tasted any of their wines to my knowledge. id like to make it down towards charlottesville, i have never visited that area of virginia for wines. i dont think pollack sees any distrobution in md.

Still fairly new, just put out their tasting room shingle last year, but good quality for their youth. Gravity flow winery, not an opulent setup, but no expense spared for quality sake, and the wines provide very good richness for the reasonable price point. Also willing to take risks and experiment.
Let me know if/when you’re in the area and I can set up a tasting with them or any other local wineries for you.

Sounds like a cool place to visit, who else around there is worth visiting?

Do you work at a VA winery?