Los Gatos/Santa Cruz/Monterey Dinner #5: March 20 Mo's Dumplings Santa Cruz

Welcome to all, newcomers welcome.
March dinner is being discussed.
Ian is working on some possibilities.

Looks like we are shooting for Wednesday, March 20 which seems to work for those that have put our possible dates. I am thinking we should wait until spring for Iveta since it seems that it will work out best if we are outside on the patio. I am inclined to see if we can just go back to Lillians and perhaps ask folks to chip in a little more if they go for a higher priced meal. Not really sure that would work out but worth a try. If not, I do not have any other non/reduced corkage possibliites. Will have to see if Liilians stil wants us or not :). Thoughts? We might be able to reach out to one of the local pizza places if someone wants to try that.

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Always happy to go back to Lillian’s. What did you think of Mo’s Dumpling?

I got a second rec from someone for Mo’s Dumplings. I think my Santa Cruz winemaker friends like the owners. I’d like to try it.

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I drive by it every day and was wondering about it. I am totally flexible but don’t have the time right now to pursue new options. Do one of you want to give them a call and see if it can work?

I’d stop by but I’m gone until the 17th. Over the phone hasn’t worked for me

In general, or with Mo’s in particular? I might be able to swing by this week.

Looks like they are open until 9. I will see if I can make it and let you know.

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Ulli in general. The negotiating and securing assurances is much easier fir me in person.

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Looks like Mo’s will work. $50 for first 10 bottles (but he said no extra charge if 12 of us bring 12). So March 20th working for folks? 6:30? Probably best to put in a reservation sooner than later so they can try and give us an adequate space.

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Great! Thanks Ian

Perfect, let’s do it! Thanks for scoping this out.

Time to start a head count so I can make the reservation. Who is in? Jen and I will both be there. Checking in on a few other locals.

In for March 20

Same, just me this round.

George - can you see if Tom P. can join us. I can’t find his number. Thanks!

Just wrote him, thanks

Tom is in

Sounds like we will be 6-9. Still waiting to hear from two folks. Anyone else before I call it in?

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Reservation made. Wednesday, 3/20 - 8 of us at 6:30 ( so far only 6-7 confirmed). More are welcome, just let me know. $50 for 8 bottles, bring your own stems!