Los Angeles

***PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer maintaining this list. Please direct any updates to the list to Bryan_C.

Full list of corkage entries are listed here:

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Please call restaurants in advance, as their policies may have changed. Please report any errors on this list to this thread or via comment on the spreadsheet.


Thanks for taking on this endeavor.

I just spoke to Anisette and the corkage is now $ 20 with no limit to the number of bottles.

The Dining Room at the Langham Hotel: $35, 2 bottle limit.

Both Docle in Mid-city and Melogranos in Hollywood are closed. The Bazaar is now charging $30 per bottle. Providence is also $30 per bottle but still free on Mondays. [cheers.gif] Nick & Stefs Steakhouse downtown also offers free corkage (as do many of the restaurants in the Patina group - with the exception of Patina).

really!? Last time we brought 11 bottles O_O

Red O : $25 for wine, $35 for champagne.
also, Church and State is now at $20 a bottle.

Great list Poppy.

There is an old thread on Chowhound that might be useful (It is from 2008 and also links to the old RP discussion of corkage).

Just expand the list. The longest post is 12/3/2008 which I had copied and pasted at that time.

http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/568503?tag=boards;topic-568503" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

This list is always helpful.


Thanks, Audrey. That list is what I started with and has been largely updated. I’m still updating things and fleshing out more of the data. I really encourage and thank people to send me updates, so we can get this list to be the most comprehensive list of LA corkage out there (I think it already is, but it could be better).

why does the list stop in the middle of the alphabet? wineboard software fail?

I fixed it… apparently I have to cut and paste twice as there is so much data. But I highly recommend everyone use the Google spreadsheet instead (Los Angeles Corkage Fees - Google Sheets" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; ) as it is much easier to read, will have the most current data and is sortable and searchable.

District (Hollywood) - $20 per bottle.

Daisy Mint (Thai), Pasadena, 0 corkage

Chablis Food & Wine in Encino = $0 Corkage fee.

All Ruth’s Chris in the LA area = $25/bottle

Girasole now has a $2 corkage fee…

Last one for now… Ca Del SOle in Toluca Lake - $15/bottle

Thanks all! I’ve updated everything.

Yoni - how is that place? It gets great reviews on Yelp. Unfortunately their website is down so I can’t see if they have many veggie options.

The Greatest Crepe, Redondo Beach. Corkage: $0

Disclaimer: Owner is a friend.

Bazaar is now $35 a bottle and Saam (inside Bazaar) is $50 a bottle.

Wow. BYOB is definitely getting more costly at the better LA restaurants. Kind of hard to figure as one would think they still feel the depressed economy. $35 is unfriendly but (IMO) not offensive. $50 is out-of-hand.