Los Angeles 3/28-29

Gonna be in LA for a couple days near the end of the month if anyone wants to get together and open a few bottles midweek. Will mostly be on west side.

Could have been fun as I’m local, but I’ll be out of town all week.

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Lmk if anyone is around; I’d like to hit some of my fav places and drink some nice bottles.

If you wanna hit up anajak thai taco tuesday on the 28th i’m down.

That sounds fun, I’d be down.

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Dammit…going to be on a business trip

I’m travelling as well. Bummer, would love to have joined.

aight - lmk @MChang - PM or email me and we can coordinate. If anyone else wants to tag along let us know and i’ll text for a table. Prob want to cap it to 6-8 ppl

Will tag @Matthew_King @Max_Kogod

I’m embarrassingly free both those nights. Happy to join.

I’m interested. What are we drinking?


Burgs? Mg?

lez goooooo burgs it is.

Red or white don’t matter.

I’m down to open some gibourg @MChang

maybe change the OP title to reflect the date/event.

Start time will be 7pm btw

We can order some champagne off the list as thx for a table since it’s super packed on tuesdays

Cool I can bring 2000 or 2006 cv. Lmk what you guys prefer.

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I’m in Kyoto or I’d br suprjeslous.

Love the place.

And Charlie is da man at that place. (Corkage for the hoi polloi is $75),

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Should be fun!