Loring Wine Company 'The Three' SOLD OUT

Loring Wine Company

Folks, you probably missed out on the Loring Bubbles/Loring Spray deal, so don’t horse around and get on this deal quickly if you want it - if you snooze, you WILL lose… Brian wanted this at 11, but I figured he had to calm those who got screwed out of the bubbles deal, so I gave him an extra hour.

THE THREE - THREE-PACK - $99 (tax and shipping included) (that’s 3 x 33)
1 - 750ml Loring Wine Company 2009 “The Three” Pinot Noir
2 - 750ml Loring Wine Company 2010 “The Three” Pinot Noir

ONLY 24 of these three-packs will be made available. The first 24 people who post that they’d like the wine will get it. Only one three-pack per person.

The Three is the result of three people’s shared love of Pinot Noir and the TV Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Robert Yamada, fellow Berserker and amazing graphic artist who re-designed all our lables and website, along with his wife, Carlin, blended these wines with me. Some of you may remember that Robert used a bottle of our wine with a special label he created to propose to Carlin :slight_smile: After we blended the 2009, we were trying to come up with a name. The wine was about the biggest, monsterous Pinots I’d ever tasted, so we started thinking about a monsterous name - which took us right to Buffy. Since it was blended by three of us, and it contained wine from 3 different vineyards, and the baddest ass villians ever on Buffy were called The Three… everything kinda fell into place :slight_smile: I just hope that if Josh Whedon ever sees the wine, he’ll call it The Three as well - and not The Lawsuit. Only a dozen or so cases were made of each wine - and they’ve never seen the light of day before (hehe) - so this is your only chance to get some. But be warned… they are some bad ass Pinots :slight_smile:

As before:

Once you’ve been confirmed as one of the first 24, please:

  1. Send me your credit card information (VISA or Mastercard only) to me via FAX at (805) 735-7416 or email at Brian@LoringWineCompany.com. If you send an email, please title it BerserkerDayOffer. You can also mail your CC info or Check to: Loring Wine Company 1034 W. Aviation Drive Lompoc CA 93436.

We’ll need the following information:

  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Code on the back of the card
  • Billing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth (sorry, some states require that for shipping)
  • Shipping Address where someone 21 or older can sign for the wine

Take one here

I’m in!

I’ll take one 3pack

In!! Cheers!


i’ll get in on this one…

i’ll take one.

I’d like one 3-pack please

In for one

Brian - please put me down for 1. Thanks Brian as always.

And here… flirtysmile

Should we put Scott Haller in here too?


in please

One three pack please

I’ll take one, please

Oh man, I am not happy about passing, but I guess I will play nice

(edit) I am in if it goes to 48, but if it stays at 24 I will be nice and pass. So just let me know. [cheers.gif]

In for a 3-pack.