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$59.99 (plus tax and shipping) - REGULAR PRICE $135.00 - SAVE OVER 55%

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Three bottles of our AMAZING 2014 Mateo Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir. The wine is drinking GREAT right now!!

Mateo started as a celebration of the birth of my friend José’s son Mateo in 2008. We blended up one barrel of Pinot that we labeled Mateo for José to give to friends (instead of cigars). Many of those friends were well known chefs, and they all asked about him making more for their restaurants. We started slow, but now the Mateo wines can be found in all the international restaurants of Joël Robuchon, as well as the US restaurants of Eric Ripert, Alain Ducasse, Thomas Keller, José Andres, Wolfgang Puck, and Daniel Boulud. The wines are blended with the help of some of our sommelier friends : Lucas Payá (5 years sommelier at El Bulli and recent wine director for José Andres’ restaurants), Robert Smith (recent wine director of the restaurant Picasso at the Bellagio in Las Vegas), and Harley Carbery (wine director of the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas).

Jim Laube (Wine Spectator) 92 Points
Offering notable finesse and charming oak, this delivers a tight, vibrant core of zesty dark berry, mocha, lavender and spice. Ends with firm tannins and a floral scent.



$79.99 (plus tax and shipping) - REGULAR PRICE $162 - SAVE OVER 50%

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3 mystery bottles of Single Vineyard Designated 2014 Pinot Noir. Wines equally loved by Wine Spectator and Burghound. We guarantee it will be 3 vineyards you know and love!! NOTE - all 3 packs will contain the same mix of 3 different SVD wines. So ordering multiple 3 packs will result in multiple bottles of the same 3 wines. But they’re REALLY GOOD WINES… so you probably NEED to think about ordering multiple sets [drinkers.gif]

This is a bet you seriously CANNOT LOSE!!!

In for a mystery pack.

In for 2 mystery packs. Good juice!

In for two mystery packs!!! These are awesome wines.

In for one of each!

the Mateo’s are great. Opened one just now and it drinking nicely.

In for a mystery pack.

Thanks!! [cheers.gif]

Mystery pack here too!

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Got it. Simple phone call. Love these wines not sure which to get. Wanna keep some funds available for new wineries too. Decisions.

In for 2 Mystery Pks!! Thanks! [cheers.gif]


In for both and a little more. Thank you Brian. [cheers.gif]

In for the mystery pack!

In for one of each!

These guys are legit.

So much so… as not to quit [wow.gif]

Wonder if there is some Clos Pepe up in that Mystery Pack…Brian KILLS the fruit from there

The Force is strong with this one… [berserker.gif]