Loring BDIX - 2 offers - ($49.99 & $79.99) - both 50% OFF

If you have any questions about the offers below (including ordering issues) please email my sister at Kimberly@LoringWineCompany.com. Please don’t worry if it takes time to get back to you. We promise you’ll get your order, even if it takes us a day or two to work it all out.



$79.99 (plus tax and shipping) - REGULAR PRICE $162 - SAVE OVER 50%

CLICK TO ORDER : https://www.loringwinecompanystore.com/shopping3/shopping/category_view.cfm

3 mystery bottles of Single Vineyard Designated 2015 Pinot Noir. Wines equally loved by Wine Advocate (90-94) and Burghound (90-92). We guarantee it will be 3 vineyards you know and love!! NOTE - all 3 packs will contain the same mix of 3 different SVD wines. So ordering multiple 3 packs will result in multiple bottles of the same 3 wines. But they’re REALLY GOOD WINES… so you probably NEED to think about ordering multiple sets [drinkers.gif]

This is a bet you seriously CANNOT LOSE!!!



$49.99 (plus tax and shipping) - REGULAR PRICE $100.00 - SAVE 50% - THAT’S ONLY $16.67 A BOTTLE [cheers.gif]

CLICK TO ORDER : https://www.loringwinecompanystore.com/shopping3/shopping/category_view.cfm

3 bottles of our 2016 Cooper Jaxon Pinot Noir!! It’s BIG and BOLD and SUPER YUMMY [cheers.gif] It’s seriously my favorite of our 2016 Pinots. And at this price it may be the BEST DEAL IN CALIFORNIA PINOT NOIR you’re going to find [dance-clap.gif]

To the east coast : $5.00 per order plus $2.25 a bottle FedEx Ground. So a three pack would be $11.75, and six pack would be $18.50, and a full case would be $32.00.

To California : $5.00 per order plus $1.25 a bottle FedEx Ground. So a three pack would be $8.75, and six pack would be $12.50, and a full case would be $20.00.

And something in-between to the states in-between [berserker.gif]

Once again, Brian shows up with an offer discounted greater than almost anything else offered!!!

And once again Im buying! Opened 1 for a neighbor a while back and he says"thats the best pinot I ve ever had"

Count me in, thank you Brian!

I’ve never had these wines before. Can anyone please chime in describing the style and flavors?


Boy I suck at this, words that always come to my mind are “bright” “crunchy” really great fruit, The acidity always keeps me coming back, hard to put down. I suppose they would skew towards a more fruit forward style. Others please chime in and help me out. I just drink the stuff!!!

What Chris said - with the caveat that the 2015s are bit lighter and higher in acid than usual due to the vintage

I’m in! Too good to pass up.

Excellent thanks guys. Worth a shot.
All the vineyards are well known to me but I have my favorites so the mystery thing is what holds me back.
It’s a weekend - time to go for it.

Richard I don’t think you ll be disappointed. Great vineyards and great price. I snagged a couple. I havent had a disappointing one yet.

WTG Brian!!! You nail it every year!!!

Thanks, Brian!

+1 for this sentiment. I bought the mystery pack a few years back and this is now one of my favorite producers.

In for a mystery pack. Drank 2 of 3 from last year and they were winners…


In for a mystery 3-pack

These have been so great. How can you miss on these?

Thank you Brian.

I miss your Llama

In for both three packs. Repeat BD buyer. Followed up my BD order with another one in short order last year. Thank you for these great deals!! Much appreciated!!

Had to go 6, a year without Loring is a year without sunshine, or something like that.

The Llamas were fun :slight_smile:. And they miss you too !!

In for one of each. Tasted at the Loring Room in Buellton a few months back. Good stuff.