Lopez de Heredia Gran Reserva Rosado worth it?

I am a big fan of Spanish wine, especially the traditional producers like Lopez de Heredia. I’ve been interested in the Lopez de Heredia Gran Reserva Rosado for a while, but haven’t pulled the trigger. Something just feels funny about spending over $100 on a bottle of Rose, even though rationally I know this is not your typical summertime porch pounder.

What are the opinions on this wine from those of you that have had it? Worth it? Not worth it? Why or why not? My understanding is that it is a pretty unique wine, but any recommendations for something that might provide similar experience without such a painful hit in the wallet? Thanks!

Over $100? Yeeeesshh :smiley:

I thought the +50€ prices here were outrageous as I bought my 2008 and 2009 for 27€.


Not worth over $100 usd for me. It’s a good wine but I dont think it’s that “unique”.

Had the 2000 and the 2010 side by side @ Noreetuh the other night and enjoyed drinking them both with their unique, slightly oxidative style. I did however prefer the 2010 more as it was both fresher and more flavorful but I think that that is more a function of the vintage differential than anything else.
At under $50/btl they are well worthwhile IMHO but at 2 or 3 times that price; not so much. And my reasoning for that self-imposed ceiling is that I can get other top roses in that range such as the Cotats or Tempier.

The wine is lovely and unique but I haven’t been a buyer at the $100+ I’ve seen it at. It was a bargain up through the 2000 vintage.

That said if you have the budget it’s probably worth trying a bottle if you haven’t had it before and deciding for yourself.

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2011 LdH Rosado is available at B-21 for $60/bottle


50% price increase from 2010, plus I have to pay tax if I do cold storage instead of shipping it right away. Bummer.

I recently opened the 2009 and it was meh. Way too dry and not super interesting to be honest. Second bottle I have had including one served to my wine group. There was zero enthusiasm for the bottle. For me, hard pass given price.

If you have the cash to buy $100+ wines on a regular basis, then why not try it? Whether you love it or not, you’re more likely to have a memorable experience than most other $100 bottles. And it’s ready to drink now. Isn’t wine about new experiences? Doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a ton after. Or maybe you’ll become obsessed by it and buy up all you can.

FWIW, when I tried the 2000 for the first time, it was my “a ha” moment in wine. I might still be chasing craft beer instead of wine today if it wasn’t for that wine.


It’s a wine that will get divisive opinions among tasting groups, but as commenter above notes, if you buy triple digit bottles, and its no big deal if one underwhelms, you might as well try one and make up your mind yourself.

This is a wine that makes some sense to open with others, so if its not your thing, you can inflict it upon others :wink:

Agree with others. It’s a tasty and fun wine and it’s probably worth the $100+ price just to try it once. But in terms of quality and repeat buys, I’m a buyer at ~$50 but not above that.

I had the 2010 last week and I thought it one of, if not the best rosé, I’ve had, probably along with Pepe’s Cerasuola, though I am not a big drinker of rosé generally. (I’ve tried most of the Provencal expressions, as well as some others. Recalling PYCM’s 2019 at @$20 was also mighty nice.) It’s just a beautiful wine. I paid less, though not a lot less, than $100. I’d go with others–worth the try once, but it is hard to lay out the big bucks regularly knowing that it’s what, less than 25Euro?, at the cellar door.

It’s totally worth it. There’s gonna be a hot summer day in your future when you want red wine food but can’t bear to drink red wine. That is when you will be thrilled you have a Lopez rosado. But you should be able to do much better than $100 if you keep your eyes peeled.

Years ago I opened a bottle so a wine shop owner I was friendly with could try it. He thought the wine was flawed. I’d had it several times and assured him the bottle was correct. It’s just a weird wine. I happen to like it a lot, but I haven’t been a buyer at $60, let alone $100. Maybe look for that $60 price, if it ever exists anymore, and take a shot at a bottle. It is unlike anything else I’ve had. Unique doesn’t necessarily mean extremely high quality, though. Maybe it depends on what you expect when you spend $100 on a bottle. I expect more.

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The only Rosé that I feel is justifiable at that price is Valentini’s Cerasuolo.

Not surprising, it is a polarizing wine. I’m sure you can sell what remains in the bottle for a pretty penny to someone who appreciates it. [cheers.gif]

This - Just be patient and I bet you can find it around $50. Leverage your brick and mortar store (which is always good to support) and maybe it takes a while - but I bet an opportunity will surface to purchase at a reasonable price.

BTW huge fan of the Rosado (and whites and the reds).

D’Esclans Garrus tastes like a $100 wine to me.

This here is a nice tip. Thanks, Daniel.