Lopez de Heredia 1962 Tondonia Gran Reserva

Last summer we purchased and drank this bottle at Restaurant Les Cols in Olot, Catalonia. (Unfortunately, the bottle was not in wholly pristine condition–a little maderized and slightly bretty. But it was fascinating to follow in the glass, still with leathery notes and some fruit.) As it does not say Gran Reserva on the bottle, I wrote to the estate asking about its exact status and provenance.

Just about exactly one year later I received an email in return from Maria Lopez de Heredia herself, much to my delight. (As it has information that may be of interest to others, I post a portion of it here):

Yes, until 1981, all the wines where released as Crianza wines but the wine that you drunk was a Gran Reserva. In fact this particular vintage and label was only made for that client in San Sebastian. It was an special selection of my grand-father for them.

Very cool, if you ask me. I have kept the bottle and now will place next to it a copy of the email!

Very cool indeed. It`s also good to get the time line own the name change for the Gran Reservas and Reservas. Our friend, Monica Nogues, has mentioned that before and we have had a few that were GRs, but not stated as such on the labels.

Thanks for the post. It had to be worthy experience even with the flawed bottle. The bottle itself has to be a treasure.