Looking to Trade: Wine Cellar - TRADED

Yours for mine. I decided today that I am bored with mine and considering the effort required to sell it all and buy anew, I propose to trade mine for yours. At least for a weekend. Maybe that will reignite the passion for my cellar…who knows. Only conditions are you need to be in the DC area and don’t make this weird.

PM me for further details.

Edits to post as follows:

Some tremendous feedback to date. Please keep the PMs coming. However, its become clear from some of the messages I’ve received that further clarification is required.

  1. Emphasis is now placed on not making this weird. By way of example, this means I’m not looking to swap families as well. I understand children can be a pain in the a$$ but I’m not looking to inherit family issues, not matter how talented your kids may be. Plus I’m fairly certain that’s probably illegal.

  2. Only interested in home cellars if they can be accessed without interacting with your family or relatives. This should be seen as an extension of Clarification Point #1. If the wine cellar is in the basement, I’ll require a bulkhead entry point so I can come and go as I please without freaking people out. This exchange should be enjoyable afterall.

  3. Cellar pets: It works in your favor if you have a dog or some other chill animal that will come with the cellar exchange and will keep my company over the weekend. I have a 77 lb labradoodle who will come with my cellar. His only purpose in life is to lay by your feet and listen to whatever it is that burdens your soul. He’s a good dude.

  4. Point about your cellar: If you’re cellar contains mostly Aussie Shiraz from the late 90s, this probably isn’t going to work out. No offense and I’m sure some of those bottles would wow me, but I just don’t swing that way.

  5. Point about my cellar: My cellar is predominantly new world. Roughly 79% USA, with a fair amount of that being older vintage cali cabs (60s-early 90s) or Oregon pinots. Plenty of newer cali non-cab or pinot wines in there as well (if you like D&R or Ultramarine, you’re in luck. There is a lot of it). The rest of the cellar is made up of French (15% - Bordeaux, Loire, Rhone, Burg, Champagne), Italian (4% - Some older barolo but predominantly Etna reds from 2008-2016) and the rest is a smattering of German and Austrian riesling (mostly dry…it’s what’s for breakfast).

  6. Duration of exchange: Looking to limit this to one weekend. Ideally during the month of August (2018) as my wife and kid will be out of town with the in laws.


Fabulous responses. Really enjoyed most of them. Happy to say that a trade has been consummated. A one weekend swap with no restrictions has been accepted. After all, a gentleman needs not rules.

+1 for don’t make it weird… please do tell if it becomes weird

You should hold a key party, where everyone throws their wine cellar keys in a bowl… [cheers.gif]

This already is weird.

Assuming this isn’t a joke, how about some more information about your cellar or your CT handle?

I would recommend just breaking into Bassins. Nothing ignited passion like grand larceny, and the selection is excellent. Howard can send you a link.

CT handle is BigDaddyPurp right?

Jeb (short for Jebathy?), that’s a common misconception due to my early years of collecting. I’ll PM you my CT Handle.

happy to be a reference for the awesomeness of Bobby’s labradoodle… as for everything else – that’s at your own risk :slight_smile:

this is the best thing ever.

Pics or this didn’t happen.

I’l be honest with you. I need to do a cellar swap, and I need to get it done today. I was hoping to find a cellar that’s roughly 79% USA, and a large labradoodle would have been a plus. But this just isn’t what I’m looking for.

I’ll be damned if Mr Gilllette doesn’t sound like the best a man can get when it comes to cellar swapping. A shame the profile isn’t a match. Someone needs to tell Todd to improve the algorithms.

Upward and onward. Good surge of PMs in the last hour. Lonely Thursdays could be a factor. Separating the wheat from the chaff and decision by Sunday.

Haha. This is awesome. I’d imagine you’d have to set some ground rules… otherwise I can see this as the supermarket sweep of wine cellars. One weekend, unlimited pass sounds like a depletion of prized bottles.