Looking to buy 1997 Dunn Howell Mountain (or other 1997’s)

Hello WB! I’m interested in purchasing a bottle of 1997 Dunn Howell Mountain in celebration of my birthday next month. 1997 is my birth year and I’ve been getting really into wine over the last couple years, but have never been able to taste anything older than 2007 let alone a wine from my birth year.

I hear great things about Dunn and thought that would be a very solid choice for a wine for this occasion but I would also be interested in other bottles from 1997 if any of you have something that fits the bill.

I’m located in Sacramento if a local meet up was feasible but shipping also works.

Looking forward to hearing what you have got and I appreciate your time helping me with my first aged wine experience!

Off top of my head I’ve got
BV Georges DL Rutherford
And a few others
No 97 Dunn Howell
I’m local. Sac area. I can pm a list

If you could PM a list I would love to check it out and get back to you! Those names sound promising. Thanks for the response

I had the 97 Dunn HM last night at dinner. It is still very youthful and structured. Over a 3 hour meal, it was only starting to open up at the end. There’s a lot of complexity though and I think it will be great one day. If you do buy this, I would cellar it for another 10+ years and buy a bunch of other bottles to drink in the meantime. Lots of great 97s out there!

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Thanks for the insight! I was hoping to open something soon so this is good to know. I can only imagine how long my 15-17’s have to come around…

If you’re really interested in Dunn, I would suggest their “Napa Valley Cabernet” standard bottling. It will be a bit more approachable and cheaper than the HM. They’re fantastic. I had a 96 last year that was awesome and the 97 should be drinking well now too.

Another 10 or more years for this sounds about right. Almost any other '97 from Napa would probably be a lot more approachable. The Dunn will doubtless be fantastic if and when it becomes mature.

Since you’re in CA just have Vinfolio send you a bottle? https://www.wine-searcher.com/find/dunn+cab+sauv+howell+mnt+napa+valley+county+north+coast+california+usa/1997/usa/-/ndb

I think these sold close to $200 before commission at Winebid in the last few weeks so it’s pretty much market price right now.

I paid $170+auction fees last Spring for the bottle I had.

Agreed that the Dunn HM is still pretty young. The Montelena is more accessible. Had a Forman last week that was in a beautiful place

Two more listed today waiting for $190 now, https://www.winebid.com/BuyWine/Items/1997-Dunn-Howell-Mountain-Cabernet-Sauvignon/1212761.

Cellaraiders has the brilliant Philip Togni for $235