Looking For Weller CYPB and ORVW Lot B

Updated for missing bottles

Thank you in advance

Looking for a bottle of each Weller to host a tasting. Best case scenario, someone has a complete set to sell, but also can piece meal each. Either way, looking for one of each bottle

Thank you in advance


have a bottle of weller FP i will PM you

I could get you to 4 of 5. No CYPB…
Im not looking to sell but I’m not attached either as I’ve had my run with Weller.

Forgot about Single Barrel, but I have that one as well.
So 5 out of 6 unless I’m missing another.

Special Reserve, Antique, 12yr, Full Proof, Single Barrel.


Of course, I don’t play in that space any longer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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There’s also the newly released Daniel Weller

I have extra weller full proof store picks if interested but not extras of the others. FYI here is a local store selling the whole set inc. WLW minus daniel. I haven’t bothered to do the math if it is reasonable or not just remembered it was available

$4250 :banana:

OP hasn’t responded to my pm right after his post though so he must not be looking any longer.

I did send a message back Robert, check mailbox sir

My apologies, I see it now!

I had several inquiries after my post and must have missed it the day after. I told others I was waiting to hear back from you. I’ll reconnect there.

total wine and more is having lottery draw for Weller . you should check it out to see if they have anything you like.

NC TW doesnt sell booze, just beer and wine

I live in Cleveland Ohio, bought lots of Champagne in Las Vegas Nevada and won a Thomas Handy from TW in Louisville Kentucky. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Have secured all but CYPB, please let me know if you have a bottle via DM

Bump, see if Easter Bunny can help

Bump it on up

Local store in NJ has the CYPB fit $799.
What should it be?