Looking for Recommendations for Burgundy and Jura Regions - Sept 2021

Hi everyone! Planning a trip to France in a few weeks. It will be my first trip to Beaune and the Jura region of France - I will be driving and for now, plan on 3 nights in Beaune and 2 nights in Jura before heading to Dijon to take the train back to Paris.

Does anyone have recommendations on producers to visit, and how best to spend the daytime? I pretty much have my restaurants mapped out, and am debating whether an organized tour could be worth the experience for one or two of the days in Burgundy.

Going in blind on Jura - would appreciate any recommendations :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I wrote this a couple of years ago after spending a couple of days in the Jura. Thought it was an incredible place. Stayed here in arbois, and it was great: https://closerielescapucines.fr/?lang=en

This is amazing and so helpful, thank you! I had Jean Bourdy on my list too - did you contact them ahead of time to set up a tasting, or just walk-in? Same question for Stephane Tissot :slight_smile: Thank you in advance!

Chez Bruno in Dijon.

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Walked in both places! Tissot had an Arbois storefront with hours, but Bourdy seemed like a one-man operation at the time, so even though they had posted “open” hours, a call or email probably not a bad idea.

Fantastic, thank you again!

I will also be in Beaune in September. Are there any good bottle shops within an hour’s drive of Beaune that won’t be picked over?

I would get a copy of Jura Wines by Wink Lorch

Just came back from 3 days in Jura. First visit there since 2019.

Would definitely recommend staying in Arbois. Maison Jeunet has good prices on rooms and is located right by the town square. Their restaurant has a great Jura-focused list. The food is a bit meh, but the wine list more than makes up for it.

Casa Antolia on Airbnb is super quaint, but gets booked fast.

Bistrot des Clacquets is great for lunch. Go there a bit early (12 or so) as it fills up/sells out quickly.

Le Grapiot in Pupillin has a great list. Nice owner and the food is decent. Cab from Arbois is 12 Euro or so each way. Bit too far to walk, especially at night. Reservations are a must.

Producers, even the iconic ones, are more accessible than what you would expect. French is almost a prerequisite for a good experience though. But try and write them some mails, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The tasting rooms of Tissot (Stephane) and Domaine de la Pinte in the town center have English speaking staff and wines can be tasted and bought there. The Rolet tasting room got a nice selection of older vintages at very low prices.

The Les Jardins de St. Vincent wine shop is maybe the most serious wine shop in Arbois, but their selection has lost a bit of panache since my last visit. Essencia en Arbois also has a nice small selection.

Feel free to contact me in private if you have any questions.

In spite of not being a “big” Jura name, I would recommend visiting and tasting wines at the local cooperative, Fruitière Vinicole d’Arbois in the middle of the town. I admittedly liked more than Tissot’s which was just around the corner.

But the highlight of our visit was tasting with gracious Anne Houillon at Pierre Overnoy’s in Pupillin, along with a cameo of Pierre who was busy with helping in the vineyards while Emannuel Houillon was away on a marketing trip.

Domaine St. Pierre was also a fun visit.

A lunch trip to the town of Poligny is highly recommended.