Looking for new release SQN whites

2012 White “In The Abstract”
2012 Chardonnay! “Pearl Clutcher”

Please let me know if you can spare them!


Bump. Especially looking for Pearl Clutcher

Along with everyone else, I think like 20 people on the list got them. 24 bottles listed in CT which means so far only 8 people have gotten 3 bottle allocations, vs. 242 of the Abstract (80 people).

I’m guessing 200 people each received a 3 bottle allocation. Rare indeed.

The newsletter stated about 2 barrels.

Yeah, 2 barrels at about 25 cases per barrel only gives you about 600 bottles total – and that’s before whatever MK took out for himself. I think I remember him mentioning “12% of the mailing list”.