Looking for New Glarus Raspberry Tart

Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum. I’m trying to find someone who might be willing to send me a bottle or two of New Glarus Raspberry Tart. It’s only brewed and distributed in Wisconsin, hence the huge problem I’m having. I will obviously pay for it, and pay for shipping and the shipping supplies of course, or I can trade something that is brewed in Florida (where I currently reside) for it. I don’t know if there are any specific beers that are here in Florida that are not able to be acquired anywhere else, but if you know of any I will definitely do my legwork and pick it up if that is what you desire. Acquiring this brew is of the utmost importance for me, because the person I’m trying to acquire it for is very important to me, so thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated.

Send me a bottle too.

I’d like some hard to get, limited release booze for cost + shipping. I’ve been around here a long time, so just send away. Please make sure it is worth at least 3x my cost. TIA

Still looking for a basketball sized piece of Kryptonite and a Unicorn. PM me w/shipping quotes.

Not necessary, guys. I got some New Glarus when last in Wisconsin for a forum member, and I don’t doubt others would do the same.

There’s a member here willing to sell and ship New Glarus beers. Later, I’ll dig out my receipt and get his shop’s phone number.

Search function is your friend!

Others would no doubt do the same for someone who did not come to this forum for the sole purpose of finding this brew. [wink.gif]

I would start through the link posted above. If you can’t find it there, or if Tim can’t get it at the brewery, let me know. I’m sure I can track it down for you, it just might not be on a quick timeframe.

Peter, thanks so much for that link, I have sent him a message and am just awaiting a reply. Truly appreciated. And thank you as well Anthony, if it doesn’t work out I will be sure to shoot you over a message, and I can definitely wait it out if need be, no problems at all there. :slight_smile:

By the way, Kevin. Thanks for reminding me that I’m out of Raspberry Tart!

It is very hard to find raspberry tart and Belgian red right now. Last year’s cherry and raspberry harvests in Michigan and Wisconsin were absolutely dreadful, so they made a beer called serendipity as a combo beer.

Yeah, big plus one.

Let’s say I picked up a bunch of these, I’d have no problem sharing them, right?

Among fellow Berserkers? Of course not! flirtysmile

On a serious note, I bought some Dark Lord from fellow Berserker Mark Fister in 2011 for $35 per. I thought that was a fair price as I would never go to IN to get it. He spent a day with friends waiting in line to get the allocation, travel etc. so the add-in cost seemed worth it to me. I don’t even know what it sells for at the brewery but I figured around $15 at the time. I was quite satisfied with the transaction and still have a few bottles aging. This community has a tendency to shun sellers who price things above market, but I don’t think that our bonds of loyalty have to be so strong that everything has to be cost+shipping or less, particularly among strangers. Other members have communicated & built relationships, and having a regular trading partner(s) in different parts of the country whom you know then creates the atmosphere where it’s mutually beneficial to trade or sell at cost.

I would have to say that this dude would be interested. flirtysmile

I find this forum so interesting. Not being totally immersed in the beer world (and being in PA where beer is strictly controlled and most are not allowed to be sold here. You have to buy beer by the case- the only way to get it legally. So, if a beer is limited production, it usually isn’t sold a case at a time. Meaning it never has a chance to make it here) I am always surprised to see posts like this looking for something hard to find that I have never heard of before. Never heard of New Glarus. Reading another thread, someone mentioned something about a Dark Lord Day- no clue what that is. I never heard of Pliney or the Bruery before 6 months ago. So, being here- I at least get to hear all of these names and learn a little.

Now that is interesting, Peter. When I was in Oconomowoc Wisconsin for a class last fall, I visited a bar or two. I recognize some of the names from that thread. I had a Spotted Cow, and I had some sort of raspberry beer that was local and kind of expensive. I’ll bet it was this new glarus. I think my wife had the fat squirrel. I remember these beers as being pretty good, actually.

Sounds like a whole mess of New Glarus beers. Spotted Cow is their main one.

I didn’t know Todd that these beers were somehow desired or hard to find or anything. They were simply the beers at the local bar. That raspberry one was pretty darn good.