Looking for help with Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv dining

Greetings all! Very excited to be spending some time in israel this fall and would love to hear some recommendations for dining in Jerusalem and Tel -Aviv.


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I went to Tompolobompo ~5 years ago and it was terrific.

Marshall, first, you should watch In Search of Israeli Cuisine. In Search of Israeli Cuisine | Menemsha Films This will get you really excited about eating in Israel. After watching this a few years ago, we found and decided to go on a food tour of Israel based on the movie. It was through a company called Via Sabra. In Search of Israeli Cuisine | 10-Day Israel Culinary Tour - Via Sabra The food tour seems very different from what we did.

My favorite restaurant we visited was Machneyuda. Jerusalem | Machneyuda | ירושלים It is located in the Machneyuda market in Jerusalem. Machane Yehuda Market Jerusalem | The official site (machne.co.il) There are a lot of wonderful booths (or whatever you call them) in the market and I highly recommend spending at least one meal walking around the market and trying different things.

We spent a lot of our time outside either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv and a couple of wonderful restaurants were Uri Buri in Acco and Magdalena Restaurant in Migdal.

In Tel Aviv, go to the Carmel Market, which is similar to the Machneyuda market in Jerusalem. We ate at a nice restaurant near the Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv, but I will have to find the name of it. So far, no luck finding it (this was a few years ago).

When in Israeli, make sure you taste a dessert called Kanafa. Kanafa Recipe | Allrecipes

Machneyuda Market

Machneyuda Restaurant

Somek Winery

Uri Buri with Uri


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My info is a bit old (2014), but the best meal we had in Israel was at Night Kitchen in Tel Aviv. Superb food. Cosy atmosphere.

Of no help to you, but this was one of the most special evenings of our trip. This was my wife’s first trip to Israel. (Our oldest was doing his MS at the Technion.) After this dinner, we walked to the Jaffa Port where my wife read a poem her father had written at the age of 14 about leaving Jaffa Port for NYC when his family was allowed to emigrate from Palestine.

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In Jerusalem, Machneyuda is the place. In TLV, we absolutely loved Yaffo Tel Aviv…I’d also suggest both of the Meir Adoni places in the Carlton Hotel. Claro in TLV was fun too.

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Thank you! Some excellent ideas! :blue_heart:


Interesting, during my first trip to Israel in 2010 or so, we stayed at the Carlton but did not know there were great restaurants there. Did like the breakfast there, however.

Marshall, if you don’t know this, breakfast is a huge deal at a lot of the bigger restaurants in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. HUGE buffet spreads. Enough to eat for the entire day. The largest I saw was at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem, but the Carlton in Tel Aviv and the Herbert Samuel in Jerusalem were also impressive.

Howard: The hotels we are staying in both have breakfast included.

Thanks !

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In Haifa, we had one of the worst meals of my life. It was a kosher Chinese restaurant in the Haifa Bayview Hotel. There was a thunderstorm, so we took the easy way out. :wink:

But Haifa is worth a visit if you have the time.

Gentlemen: Trying to book a reservation at Machneyuda but it is only in Hebrew. The rest of the website is in English as well, but not the booking part. A bit perplexed.


My wife made our reservation so not sure how it happened. We used a touring company so I suspect she had them do it. Maybe ask the hotel concierge in advance?

And Via Sabra set up our dinner there.

Call them. They will speak English. Or of course use your concierge if you have a hotel and not an apartment.

I find when I’m in Israel I sometimes hear as much English spoken as Hebrew, especially in Tel Aviv.

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I wonder how much that has to do with the number of Americans who have moved to Israel and the number of Americans visiting there vs. the fact that Israel was under British rule for about 30 years. Probably some of both.

This is also a bit dated, but last time we were in Jerusalem we ate several times at Chakra on King George, and it was excellent. Interesting wine list and a lot of fun. (Not Kosher.) And back when I was in college I ate at Melech Shwarma pretty much daily. Can’t speak to how they’ve held up over the decades but I loved it then.

Everyone in Israel speaks a decent amount of English. Many if not most are completely fluent. Pretty much has always been that way.