Looking for a Zalto BDX

Seems they’re back ordered everywhere. I’d even take 2 from somebody smarter than I am who stockpiles extras for when theirs break.

Yeah these delays due to container shortages are getting mildly more annoying with each passing day.


This place seems to have it, no idea about if they’re reliable or w/e.

Says taking orders for March 2022 delivery.

Get some Grassl from Freemott.

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We’ll have some in soon. Yes, we’ve been struggling with the container delays just like everybody else, especially on the wine side of our biz, but with the Zalto glasses the Covid really hit quite hard. As just one example: each glass is made by a team, and every time one of the team tested positive, everyone had to quarantine. Oddly, you can’t blow glass with a mask on.
If you go to our Zalto-centric website, TheManufactory.com, you can go to the glass you are interested in and request to be notified when they are back in stock. Same on Winemonger.

We’re doing our best but it will take some time to catch back up with demand!

Shouldn’t you have ITB in your signature or be a Berserker Business if you are soliciting for a commercial venture here?

I have some 1855s and enjoy them very much. This is more about my own eccentricity and not liking having an “incomplete” set of 5 Zalto BDXs.

Sorry! I thought it was in my signature. Certainly wasn’t trying to hide anything. I own Winemonger Imports and we’ve been importing Zalto to the US since 2005~ we were literally blessed to do so by Father Hans Denk himself. Anyway, lots of folks around here know that, but I shouldn’t have assumed. Was just trying to be helpful since they are nearly impossible to find right now.

So, yes, 100% totally ITB and completely biased as the importer, distributor, and retailer of Zalto glassware.

I think if you are linking to a commercial website for profit vs. an individual selling to an individual, you need to pay Todd and become a Berserker Business just as your competitors have.


Have a lovely evening!

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