Looking at 6-12 bdx bottles from flickenger

I have never bought from them and i have seen some negative things posted. So what kind of experience should i expect.

Looking at some competitivly priced 2010’s bdx, actually very attractive pricing.

Probably do a pickup at their warehouse

Provenence issues? Corked or tainted bottles

Is their storage area good to go. Etc

Any thoughts are helpful.

Negative things? They’re one of the most upstanding shops I’ve dealt with.

I’m surprised that you have heard negative things, as I have found every dealing with them to be outstanding. Highly recommended in my book.

Flick is great and pick-up is easy peezy.

Joe - I have sold and bought a fair amount thru Flickinger over the last 5 years and have nothing but great things to say. I wouldn’t worry about provenance or storage at all. They have disclosed some things on their site about bottles I’ve consigned that I didn’t notice when I had them in my possession (slightly raised corks, minor label issues, ullage). They are very thorough.

Smooth sailing with Flickinger on numerous purchases.

Best of luck with your Bdx buys!



I haven’t bought a lot from them but have had no problems at all.

Ditto, ditto, ditto. Buy with confidence.

Never had any problems, nothing to worry about (and of course its Flickinger’s)

Sorry. I was not trying to imply that the negatives that i read were overwhelming. Probably just a few bad experiences with many good ones but wanted to verify and info good or bad.

Seems like flickengers is a good source.

So they buy peoples wines and then sell? None of these are straight from the wineries?

You know how many joints you can buy with that much money? [drinkers.gif]


They have multiple sourcing models:

Consignment of wines from collector’s cellars
Direct import from Europe
Direct source from CA wineries

Buy with confidence – very upstanding retailer.

It sounds like you have to purchase directly over the internet. No floor sales. But pickup afterwards. Is there no sales floor?

I ran down the 2010’s last night and a couple 2009’s

09’ 10’ giscours
09’ 10’ d’Issan
2 10’ Branaire Ducru

Came out to $410 but i really wasnt done looking so didnt pull the trigger.


No sales floor that I know of. The pick-up point is a bit west of Chinatown in a warehouse/self-storage facility. You go to the counter, tell the guy you’re picking up an order and they’ll get it to you. Start to finish, it will take 5m and there’s parking on site.

Have had nothing but positive experiences.

I buy and sell wines with Flickinger and they provide outstanding service. The warehouse is temp controlled and easy to access.

They have always been very good in my experience. Scott