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Been waiting on these! Thanks.

Many thanks Howard. I just read through the Champagne catalog and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great info in an area I am studying and more and more passionate about on a daily basis.


Does anyone know anything more about the problem bottles from Milan? Is the '02 Terres de Noel affected?

+2 I love TT Champagne Catalogs! flirtysmile



I don’t know all of the releases/disgorgements of the 02 Terres de Noel, but all I have tried have been stellar and all of the releases/disgorgements I have tried pre-dated any bottle/disgorging issues discussed by Terry. I’m not sure if anyone ever figured out exactly what the problem was and I admit that it never really jumped out at me as horrible. To me it was more a matter of a number of bottles from the Milan NV line that I sampled in late 08 and early 09 that were from later 07 and early 08 disgorgements did lack compared to previous and later releases. It wasn’t a huge lag and as a whole could be taken as simple variation from year to year, but it was noticeable. I also note that I had a few more bottles than normal that I considered flawed.

Changing subjects slightly, I had more problems with Billiot cuvees (who have had no problems talking to me about their cork issues and Terry also addressed this in his catalog) than Milan. As with Milan, not all the bottles in a release were bad, but I had been seeing more and more bad bottles from Billiot over the past few years both in France and the US. As with Milan, I’m comfortable they cleaned up any issues.

For me, I was much more sensitive to the Billiot issues than the Milan issue and it bothered me more, but YMMV.

I will also say that overall, while the quality of both producers was more variable than normal, it was not an issue where all of the wines were bad. Certain shipments were worse than others, but plenty of sound bottles were/are out there. To me, and it is just my opinion, more of the Milan wines seemed to be lower in quality than expected; almost uniformly so. With Billiot, it was more a case of more “off” bottles than normal, but the good bottles were good as ever.

  • Edit in 1st paragraph to add in that the only bottles I found lacking from Milan were NV.

The new ‘vintage’ of the (in)famous Terry Theise catalogs (German, Austrian, Champagne) is now available online:

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