Longplay Wine ...pinot noir 6-pack .... $___ +$1 S&H!

We own a vineyard, Lia’s Vineyard, in the Chehalem Mountains AVA.
We sell most of our fruit to some of Oregon’s top wineries
(Patricia Green Cellars, J. Christopher, White Rose Estate, Grochau Cellars,
and several others). But we keep a little bit for ourselves.
We make “grower pinot noir” – wines crafted with minimal intervention
in small lots that highlight the unique character of our site.
We named our wine “Longplay” because we say wine is like music:
There are many genres and styles, and “best” is more a question of taste
than absolutes. And we love the sound, flow and pacing of a great longplay record album.
We work closely with our winemaker, Jay Somers, of J. Christopher wines,
and our vineyard manager, Javier Marin, formerly vineyard manager at Shea,
to produce wines that respect the uniqueness and potential of our site.
Rockin’ Berserker Day VIII with the Longplay:

This year we’re going vertical and horizontal with a six-pack from three vintages. These are some pretty good wines and we’re pricing them like daily drinkers.

Limited quantity, limited time. But no need for special coupon codes to take advantage of the offer - just follow the link(s).

In the northwest corner of Lia’s Vineyard is a spot I call the “Jory Bench.” It has Pommard and Wadenswil vines planted from 1989-1991 that consistently produce some of the best pinot in Oregon. (I might be biased.) I farm these blocks meticulously, spending more time on these three acres than the other 26 that I have under vine. The soil is a textbook example of Jory soil, the state soil of Oregon. The perfect exposure, moisture retention, vigor balance, etc., combine to produce really good fruit. After harvest the fermenters from these blocks are tagged “JBR.” Not every barrel makes the cut, and sometimes I’ll add a little from another corner of the vineyard to bring a dash of complexity, but this bottle is really all about the Jory Bench.

As you move lower in the vineyard, the soil transitions to a predominantly sedimentary profile. These soils were planted to mostly Dijon clones beginning in 1999. It makes for an interesting contrast. Some people prefer the wines made from these grapes. These wines tend to be a bit bigger and age well.

All of these wines are drinking really well right now but can cheerfully rest for another three to eight years. Invite some friends, taste them blind, and guess the vintage and whether the soil is sedimentary or volcanic! Fun, fun, fun.

This pack features six bottles of pinot noir: two bottlings from three different vintages!

Bottles One, Two & Three: Lia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir - this is our flagship and is blocks and barrels from every corner of our 50-acre site. The diversity of soils, elevations and aspect mean this is a complete wine that offers complexity and a degree of consistency. Not much oak, just a nice pinot noir. '11, '12 and '13!

Bottles Four, Five & Six: Jory Bench Reserve Pinot Noir - in the northwest corner of the vineyard are some Wadenswil and Pommard vines that were planted about 25 years ago. These own-rooted vines consistently produce our best fruit - I spend a lot of time here and the vines are meticulously farmed as individual plants with great attention to detail. A hint more oak (between 11 and 25 percent new); barrels that don’t make the cut find their way into the regular Lia’s Vineyard bottling. '11, '12 and '13 - one of each!

SIX 750 mL bottles. Total retail value at our reasonable regular prices of $195, only $__ plus $1 shipping & handling._

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We typically ship UPS. Business addresses are best. Cold weather, blah, blah, blah …

If you like the wines please revisit our store and order again. We usually have a six pack on offer at a great price. We try to offer the best prices to our direct customers because they are the best!

Sorry, but we cannot ship to: AR, CT, KY, MI, MS, MT, NJ, OK, RI, SD, UT, VT. Alaska and Hawaii pay a bit extra. We charge sales tax if our compliance service requires that we pay taxes to your state.

Click here for more info on these and all of our wines.
Click here to visit our store entrance and scroll down for terms and conditions.
Call or text me if you have a question: 503-489-8466 or email: info@longplaywine.com

I started buying on the first BD offer and buy club packs during the year, focusing on the '10 & '11s. They do not last long around here and the price is right, BTW my tastes are AFWE. [cheers.gif]

Sounds awesome. I am in.

Got sixer!

in for a sixer as well.

This deal is a silly QPR. Todd’s good people too!

Really lovely wines! Great site, conscientious grower, plus Jay Somers as winemaker make this a no brainer.

PM sent as the site would not accept my PW.

Bought on BD last year and still at my storage facility - always liked the PG version so why not buy straight from the source - was not able to schedule a visit last time in OR but hope to do so next time.

Can’t hurt to play the game you described so what the heck in for another 6!

I could not find the link for the 6 pack so called and left a message.

All worked out - thanks for the order, Bill!

Dennis - didn’t see the PM … maybe try the California link as no sales tax/compliance issues for Oregon?

Offer still stands for you in any case! I’ll keep the offer on the site(s) through the weekend. Trying to ship out as many as I can on Monday, weather on route permitting …

Offer is back up - it went down due to programmer error (me!) … sorry for any confusion.

Thanks, Matt, for making the effort to call and bring the error to my attention.

Thanks for the offer Todd, ordered my 6 pack … [cheers.gif]

Order in

I’ve been trying not to order anything today. Passed on some long time favorites, not trying anything new at all.

But I couldn’t resist two $20 2011 Oregon Pinots.


Midnight here in So Cal and just finished a bottle of 2013 Longplay Pinot Noir Jory Bench Reserve Lia’s Vineyard. What a wine! Had to jump back on the bandwagon, this is great wine.


Order in…I just couldn’t resist this one and I’m glad it was still available.

Thanks for the orders and support, Berserkers!
Dropped off Friday’s shipments for western half of the country yesterday - most should go out on Monday, but some will be held due to cold weather in the Rockies. Will do another drop on Tuesday for western states and then probably Thursday for Midwest and eastern half of the country, though shipper may hold a bit due to weather (they are pretty cautious - nobody wants the mess pushed corks can cause). Let me know if you need tracking numbers or want me to hang on to shipment - also check your spam folders for automated notices.

Thanks Todd,

received my sampler yesterday. Already inventoried and added into cellar tracker…