long on 2015 German Riesling but what about 2016?

So, I do not have a lot of Riesling in my cellar. But when I heard about 2015 German Riesling from Mosel (sp) I went long on it. I now own 7 bottles and for me that is long and deep. It doubles my entire inventory. So I was wondering if anybody had information on the 2016 season for Alsace, Germany, Austria. My fiancé is into these wines and I want to make sure that I have a few held in reserve for future consumption. Something with some age on them.

Joe…Riesling ages and pairs well with most foods. Are you limited to space? While 16 may be good…I’m still trying to buy as much 2015 Germany as I can get my hands on.

no. i have 400 btls with capacity for maybe 1200 more. but although I like Riesling, I don’t love it as in i have to have some. but if i am going to have some then i want to have the good vintages that will last. without this forum i would not have known to buy the 2015 German Riesling. so i was wondering how the 2016 season went.

1200 capacity
Fiancé likes it
7 btl total currently

Something doesn’t add up here lol :wink:

she is welcome to add all the riesling she wishes to purchase.

i buy red wines primarily. cab, syrah, zin and more cab. I’m new so only have 400 btls plus cab is expensive so…

If you want something with age on them, why buy 2015s and 2016s? There are a lot of very good wines from 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012 and 2013 floating around at attractive prices. For example, see Germany. MacArthur Beverages

Buy Mosel 1971, '75, '76, and '83… Fill your cellar with 800 bottles of those vintages (for not much more than the current ones) and you’ll be great as great as gold. Forget about that other crap;-)

Howard, what an amazing list you linked us with.

The store has a guy named Phil Bernstein who is a real German wine lover. He does a great job.

Let’s wait for the 16s to finish fermenting…

I was really more or less looking for the growing season comparison at this point.

Preliminary reports are that a weird season weather-wise was turned around by a solid late summer and autumn. Potentially a nice year, but with so many 2015s available now there is no reason to focus on the next vintage.

Moselfinewines have details of the growing season. Not sure about other regions.