Long essay on misogynistic craft beer labels...

Some of these ARE a bit much, what say you?

While these are tasteless, I haven’t noticed any kind of trend in this direction. Satan themed beers are much more prevalent in my experience.

This one should be right up your alley Roberto:

I don’t even want to think up whose alley these would be:

We sell this one which is somehow even scarier:

Marketing 101. It doesn’t have to be tasteful, and some people will relate to it, and others will turn away. The Buk would drink these.

There are 3,000 breweries in the U.S., and apparently a number of them employ morons.

We had a guy from City Steam in here a while back pouring Naughty Nurse. A woman said she didn’t want to try his beers because she is a nurse and was offended by the label. Should be a simple “okay, sorry, we didn’t mean it that way,” and move on, right? Instead he chose to argue with her for a good 3-5 minutes about whether or not the label is offensive. She was not happy when she walked away. What fantastic marketing!

Gotta admit, I bought the tramp stamp just because of the label last summer.
And I’m intrigued by the Naughty Nurse. Need to get some if that. Wonder what I will find when I google “Naughty Nurse”

Naughty Nurse might be worth trying if you’re really intrigued, but it is a mediocre beer.

What is a Belgian style ipa?

Marketing buzz words.

It usually just means an American style IPA/DIPA that ferments with Belgian yeasts- give them a bit of the Belgian flavor profile/funkiness.