London Pre (or post) -Theatre Recommendations

Looking to see if anyone has one. Got our tickets to to Hamilton a bit last minute and now we can’t do the restaurant we had booked.

Very cool that you’re seeing Hamilton in London. The UK crowd laughs at different parts.

We did not eat near the Victoria Palace Theater. However, we loved The Barbary, near Covent Garden.

My cousin was just at Scott’s in Mayfair; it looked good, too.

edit: Do make time to taste some wines at the venerable Berry Bros & Rudd and/or Hedonism Wines.


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That’s actually where we were going to have dinner the night we are doing Hamilton. Now we’ll eat there the next night.

I’ll take a look at the other places, thanks!

I wouldn’t have thought of this otherwise, pretty funny.

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No way! Small world. Order a bunch of small plates and go crazy.

My other thought is to look for Indian food. Oh, and avoid The Ivy. It was just OK. (Good cocktails, though.)

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J. Sheekey!


I booked Scott’s. Thanks for the rec. Excited to check it out. We liked their menu better and I felt like they had more of what I was looking for on their wine list. 2006 Gimmonet, yup.

I was disappointed in Scotts, very corporate and rushed, diffident service. J Sheekey is the same ownership, I like it much better, closer to theater.

But I don’t think you’ll get a bad meal at Scott’s.

Realise I’m a bit late to this but Scotts is not near the theatre at all and with the coronation all the roads between the two are seriously messed up. A very nice alternative that is a 2 min walk away would be The Goring Hotel. Very old fashioned english place and genuinely lovely. First dinner is 6.30 though so don’t know if that works.

Thanks @Barry_L_i_p_t_o_n and @dbailey for a bit more insight.

We actually switched up our plans a little and are going a bit more casual and lighter. Decided on Cicchetti in Piccadilly.

Cicchetti was ok, but it worked time wise. I think they got spooked by my seafood allergy and since we were there for first seating wanted to get us in and out. They brought all of our dishes at once, even though it’s supposed to be “as they’re ready” tapas style.

@Patrick_Taylor The Barbary was excellent. One of our favorite meals the whole trip throughout Paris and London.

For fun hustle bustle good tapas, we really liked Barrafina. There are a few.
We went three weeks ago.
We saw Wicked in London.

A bit too late…but we loved the Barbary so much that we went to their sister restaurant a few days later…Palomar. My daughter comes back tomorrow from a semester abroad in London and she said both restaurants are still a ton of fun.

Any suggestions by the Bridge theatre (very close to Tower Bridge)? Show time is 7:30, so needs to be close (and suitable for a vegetarian).

Best I can find so far is The Real Greek.

(My plans for lunch at Gymkhana got upended as they are almost fully booked the entire week of May 20; used to be able to get lunch on a choice of days, luckily got one day).

Gunpowder was on my list when I was in London in December, but I couldn’t make it work.

I ate at Gunpowder Soho two years ago. Mediocre minus in a city with great Indian food.

The Shard is <15 mins walk from the theatre. Eat at Aqua and enjoy the view.

Oof. I guess I dodged a bullet. Thanks for taking one for the team.

Thanks re Aqua.

Menu looks great, but first dinner seating is at 6pm, so a little to tight, not sure we can get in and out in 1 hour 10 minutes to make a 7:30 curtain.

Wish it was 8:00 curtain. Or a 5:30 seating.

There is a sunset menu at 5:30. bar is open all day with limited menu maybe good for a starter; check if you can order off the main menu for a main course.

Super, thanks Tom and Mark!