In my cab collection, I have a mish-mash of all four (Howell Mtn, Mt. Veeder, Spring Mtn and Diamond Mtn) Lokoyas. Any opinions out there if one is more collectible than the other? I think all their wines are terrific…

The old Liparita vineyard began to contribute Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to Lokoya since 1997. What a steal of a land purchase.

Mt. Veeder is the best and hardest to find IMO, maybe the best expression of Mt. Veeder Cabernet produced.

yes, it is

My favorite Lokoya was the old Rutherford bottling that they stopped making years ago. I remember drinking '96 and '97 vintages (I think that is correct) that were superb. Never heard why they stopped. Lokoya has always been a favorite, even though I don’t buy it anymore.

If anything, you cannot buy Mt. Veeder or Howell Mountain directly without buying the other two. I tried, but they said no.

Has anyone tried their '97 vintages of Mt. Veeder or Howell Mountain lately?

I’m guessing that Rutherford fruit might go into Freemark Abbey now that they’ve pivoted to all mountain fruit. I can’t recall if it was Lokoya or Cardinale but one shifted some of their valley floor fruit to Freemark Abbey (since they are all Jackson Family).

Lokoya improved nicely when Chris Carpenter took over in the 2001 vintage. Not that it was shabby before.

It used to be a pyramid for fruit selection based on price. Lokoya first, Verite, Cardinale, down the line.

Just got the email no 17 vintage release

If COVID ever lets us back into dine in, should go see if Chris is still tending bar at the Rutherford Grill on Friday nights. It’s been years since I’ve been out there to see him. Such a funny guy and great winemaker to boot.

Yeah, he’s a really solid winemaker and his juice at multiple price points is great.

Mt Veeder usually gets the higher scores and is the biggest, boldest and most tannic. It also needs the most aging before its really ready to drink. But, most would likely say it is the most ‘collectible’.

Drinking wise, the Howell Mountain is my favorite followed in very close second by Diamond Mountain. The Spring Mountain bottling is a fantastic expression of Spring Mountain and fun to drink with the other appellations, but I myself lack reasons to seek out that particular wine.