Loire Cab Franc - your short list of producers?

I love cab franc from the Loire, and I realized I’ve been in a bit of a rut with my buying lately. I’ve been building a list of new producers to try. Any producers or cuvees I should have on that list? Curious to hear your favorites.

Producers I already love

  • Baudry (I buy the Grezeaux and Croix Boisee every year, other cuvees in most years)
  • Raffault Picasses
  • Plozeau (the Cornuelles and the franc de pied)
  • Amirault (need to explore more here but like the dark, chewy wines I’ve had
  • Chanteleuserie (Beauvais)

To try

  • Château du Hureau (Joe from Crush is an advocate)
  • Roches Neuves (want to pick up the franc de pied)
  • Guiberteau
  • Collier (I’ve never had a wine with comic sans on the label)

That’s pretty much the universe of producers I buy, plus the occasional Guion (edited to add), Joguet, and C&P Breton (the FdP only).

Rougeard? Or just by a case of Collier for every one Rougeard.

Philippe Alliet Chinon.

Joguet strikes me as a glaring omission. And Breton.

All of the above!

Also worth trying is Domaine de Roche Neuves, in particular the Franc de Pied bottling.

Taluau used to be good.
There was Clos Roche Blanche.
Belliviere (Eric Nicolas) makes at least blends. I like his wines.

Yeah the three I was surprised not to see listed were Guion, Joguet, and Breton.

Many good ones already mentioned, but I’ll also throw in:

Domaine de la Butte (Jacky Blot)
Domaine Chevalerie

I do like Philippe Alliet and Olga Raffault.

I would add to that list Domaine Mortier. Fairly inexpensive, but his two top wines are very good for the price. Domaine du Mortier | Jenny and Francois Selections

I remember liking Chateau de Coulaine ‘Bonnaventure’ Chinon Les Picasses, but I haven’t had it for 7-8 years.

This is my new addition in the last couple of years. Wines are completely different than they were from a while back. Not wood marked and much less blocky. The whites I’ve found to be really good as well.

I’m curious about Domaine de la Chevalerie from Bourgueil. Pascaline had great things to say about the wines which piqued my interest. Have you tried them?

I love the Le Rocher des Violettes whites, but the cabernet franc and côt bottlings have also been excellent.

I’ll also second the Alliet recommendation, I like those wines. Coulaine can be really good too. Bréton wines can be excellent, but I don’t buy them for other reasons.

Lots of my faves listed already, ones I would add:

Domaine Filliatreau
Olivier Cousin

Additional choices that offer decent quality and/or value:
Cedric Garreau

And maybe not what you had in mind, but Lisa & Bertrand Jousset make a wonderful, slightly funky Pet-Nat if you’re into that sort of thing.

In addition to the above, Jerome Lenoir makes an excellent Chinon.

Another quiet sleeper:

Chateau de Fosse-Séche

Grabbed a case of the 2014 and 2015, both delicious.

Back to Roche Neuves, you nailed it. He turned this domaine into something special, granted a bit pricey. Ten years ago the wines were too glossy and woody. He has also added some spectacular vineyards, the special cuvees:

Memoires - 110+ year old cab franc vineyards

Clos de l’Echelier - 40+ years old vines, some franc de pied

Just tried 2014 Domaine Le Petit St. Vincent Les Poyeaux Saumur. Extremely good classic CF

Pray do tell?

I just buy Breton for now. Would buy Rougeard except for the prices.

Definitely. Hard to find here though. As in W-S currently shows none.

Good call Vince as well on Jacky Blot. Good wines and good value.

Sanzay Poyeux

Well worth the tariff, imho.

+1 on both of these.