Lisa Tupetz in OC tasting at Off The Vine - Friday May 3rd 3pm

@LisaT (BD15 Newbie) contacted me as she was on her way through town, she’s got dozens of German wines with her so I setup a little tasting of the OC folks.

I’ve booked the big tasting room at Off The Vine cellars (where I have my offsite locker) from 3-5pm. Can take a couple more if needed since we booked the big room (and I did so on purpose). Have @brigcampbell @Cris_Whetstone @AstridKG coming, roped in @grovertrask in case he can also make it.

They have ice buckets (I’ll bring ice) and stems if you need them, but we’ll have to wash them when finished if you use theirs, so bring your own if possible.

Let me know privately or in here so I know who to expect, as it’s a private event and they are picky about people just coming in at random, apparently.

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Definitely in. +1 is the warden.

Two more probable, I’ll confirm before, your friend from the hair salon.

ha! the Ficks!

What’s our count now? Astrid, Tawd, Brig, Warden Chris, me and our hostess, Lisa?

I’m packing a couple bottles. At least one decently aged German: 05 WSchaefer or 07 Prum. And a Champagne or a red. Or both.

If anyone is up for dinner after we should probably think about making a rese being Friday and all.

I’m planning on stopping by on my way home from work, but not sure yet when and for how long. As of now, more like 4ish to 5. As to dinner, Wineworks for Everyone is a nice, smaller restaurant nearby.

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And Tom Chen will be stopping by a bit later than 3

Not sure you need to bring bottles for the tasting - @LisaT is bringing a bunch, that’s the whole goal of the event.

I also asked, and the response was:

"No Gruner :slight_smile:
Muskateller, Pinot Blanc, Riesling in different styles, variety of sparkling, some reds. Plenty of wines! "

For those headed to dinner afterward, Cris is correct, definitely make a reservation unless you go somewhere casual! As Tom said, WineWorks for Everyone is SUPER close - just across the bridge over the freeway

We have the place feasibly until 6 when the place closes down. I’m gonna grab some snacks from Trader Joe’s to gnosh on for those who need it. We have ice buckets, at least one of which should be used as a spit bucket, hint hint. @LisaT do you need me to bring ice?

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For after. :wink:

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the best wine is apres more wine!

Excited to taste with all of you and drink wine like a German with all of you!

Yes, I have plenty of wine, and a spit bucket for during the tasting is probably a good idea. I have Riesling from Rheinhessen and Sekt from Baden/Black Forest which are new additions to my portfolio as of this summer. No one has tasted them yet!

I have a variety of other grape varieties to taste. We make more than Riesling! :wink:
I am free to go for dinner afterwards as well.

@ToddFrench I can pick up ice on my way over.