LIQUID FARM: Earth & Mineral Driven Chardonnay & Rosé - Superbowl FOUR-ty Nine!

Superbowl FOUR-ty Nine!

GAME ON! [berserker.gif]How to Play!
POST (the first of many pass/football references) your order in this thread. Why?
you will then (upon ordering) be entered into the bomb diggity WB Day Superbowl FOUR-ty Nine Raffle to win one of FOUR Magnums up for grabs! All individuals ordering today (regardless of current/new to join today or trial pack orderers) who post their order here will be entered to win one of 4 FOUR mags we are giving away!
**yes! we will include comp’ed shipping on the Magnum!

**So, STEP 1 = POST your order here!

STEP 2 = finalize your order!**
To finalize your order -
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Now for the Kick-off!
Our WB Day Offers in this year’s TEAM LF Superbowl FOUR-ty Nine!****The Check-it-out Trial Packs

Available Today Only - for Berserkers not yet Members (limited availability)
The Fade
2 pack: 1 bottle each: 2013 White Hill + 2013 Golden Slope (pre-release)
$90 / @20% off WB Day = $72

The Slant
3 pack: 2 pack above + 1 bottle 2013 La Hermana
$130 / @20% off WB Day = $104

The Hook
4 pack: 3 pack above + 1 bottle 2014 Rosé (aka: pink crack) pre-release!
$154 / @20% off WB Day = $123.20
20% off the Pack (or, shall we say Pass) of your choice and 20% off shipping
Typically our wines are only sold to members of Team LF - 20% off is our Max Club Tier Discount and we’ve added some shipping love. Limit 1 pack per Berserker
Use Code: PASSME20


The Cake?
25% off on all wines AND shipping regardless of Tier you are in/join today - that is 5% above our maximum 12btl Tier Club discount.

The Icing?
IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE TEAM - and joining today, we have to extend another bit of thanks - its just how we do. You will receive a credit back to the card you place on file, for 1 bottle of pink crack (aka: our Rosé) for the price paid (less FOUR cents - laws as they are) on your WB Day order. #familylove

FOR CURRENT FAM/TEAM - you didn’t think we’d forget about you now did you? Your love for ordering on WB Day = drum roll, please…One comp’ed bottle (less FOUR cents) of our very first vintage of LF PINOT upon its release in 2016. #boom!
(max 24 bottles, first come)
NOTE: WE ARE NOW WELL OVER 24 Current Fam ordering/24 bottles allocated, so know that Pinot will be allocated to the first 24 current members that ordered today! thanks!!

The Sprinkles?
There will also be a specially selected bit of LF love/swag of some kind included in every one of these Team LF shipments.
The 3 Special “Plays” for The Fam!!
Baker’s Dozen Field Goal = 4 bottles [dance-clap.gif]
1 bottle each: 2013 White Hill, 2013 Golden Slope (pre-release), 2013 La Hermana, 2014 Rosé (pre-release)
$154 / @25% off WB Day $115.50

Touchdown = 6 bottles [highfive.gif]
2 bottles each: 2013 White Hill, 2013 Golden Slope (pre-release) + 1 bottle each of: 2013 La Hermana, 2014 Rosé (pre-release)
$244 / @25% off WB Day = $183
u[/u] Extra Point
1 Magnum of (pre-release) 2014 Rosé @ FOUR-ty % off (reg. $58/magnum) @ 40% off WB Day = $34.80

Hail Mary (THEE bad ass game winning) Touchdown = 12 bottles [winner.gif]
3 bottles each: 2013 White Hill, 2013 (pre-release) Golden Slope, 2013 La Hermana, 2014 (pre-release) Rosé
$462 / @25% off WB Day = $346.50
(optional) 2 Point Conversion
1 Magnum of (pre-release) 2014 Rosé @ FOUR-ty % off (reg. $58/magnum) @ 40% off WB Day = $34.80
1 Magnum of (pre-release) 2013 Golden Slope @ FOUR-ty % off (reg. $110/magnum @ 40% off WB Day = $66.00
NO CODE NEEDED! 25% off Team LF wines + shipping will automatically be applied at check out when you are logged in/with Members only back-end access to the site.
Wines will ship latter Feb/early March as most/all offerings include the soon to bottled Rosé (aka; Pink Crack!) - And, weather is still a bit nippy in most locales.
No problem! If you would like to have your wines held to ship in latter March/early April with your club shipment you customize for Spring, please let us know in your WB Day order notes and/or email Anna and we can work out any possible shipping credits/refunds that we can process in combining the wines for ya :slight_smile:

Email Anna/Nikki at and we will get you (in)zoned in!
note: 2013 Golden Slope & 2013 FOUR not yet released/reviewed

__“These three 2012 Chardonnays from Liquid Farm are among the most impressive Sta. Rita Hills wines I tasted this year.Industry veterans Nikki and Jeff Nelson enlisted the help of Brandon Sparks-Gillis and John Dragonette of Dragonette Cellars to get their project off the ground. The initial production of just four barrels has grown into several hundred cases of top-notch Chardonnay in just a few years. The Liquid Farm Chardonnays are made in a very personal and unique style that combines fruit intensity with vibrant, pulsating minerality. Readers who have an opportunity to taste these wines should not hesitate, as they are magnificent. My sense is that things are just getting started at Liquid Farm.”From Santa Barbara: The Thrill of Discovery (Jul 2014) by Antonio GalloniThe 2012 Chardonnay White Hill is bright, focused and tightly wound. Lemon peel, crushed rocks, pear and smoke jump from the glass as the 2012 shows off its energetic personality. The style is focused and taut, especially with the style of the Sta. Rita Hills. Imagine a Chablis like sense of energy with the depth and radiance of California. If that sounds like an appealing combination, well, it is! the 2012 was done mostly in neutral oak, with some of the wine seeing only stainless steel. - $40.00. Drinking Window: 2014 - 2020 / 92 Points

A drop-dead gorgeous wine, Liquid Farm’s 2012 Chardonnay Golden Slope bursts from the glass with layers of yellow stone fruit and spices supported by beams of minerality. Smoke, slate, chamomile, sage and lightly honeyed notes add complexity on the super-expressive, pulsating finish. The 2012 is positively thrilling today and should continue to drink well for at least another handful of years. The Golden Slope spent 13 months in French oak, 15-20% new. - $50.00. Drinking Window: 2014 - 2020 / 94 Points

The 2012 Chardonnay Four is a selection of the best barrels in the cellar. Rich, deep and explosive, the Four hits the palate with serious intensity. Smoke, slate, dried pear and apricot pit burst from the glass in an exuberant Chardonnay built on compelling tension between fruit, acidity and minerality. This is another head-turning wine from Liquid Farm. The 2012 spent 14 months in French oak barrels, 25% new. - $74.00. Drinking Window: 2014 - 2020 / 94 Points

__“The wines who indeed taste Burgundy-inspired and this winery has quickly moved onto a number of sommeliers’ “A list” as a source for domestic chardonnay.
Nikki and Jeff Nelson have fully settled into their own facility just north of metropolitan Buellton. They recently [in 2013] took on a full-time winemaker, James Sparks, whose brother-in-law Brandon Sparks-Gillis is part of the Dragonette team, whose space the Nelsons formerly used for their own wines. While there’s a pinot noir on the horizon here, the focus is squarely on chardonnay, “made in the style of wines that we like to drink, which means Burgundy”, according to Jeff Nelson. That said, the Nelsons are quick to point out that their goal “isn’t imitation but emulation” and that they’re not trying to suppress “the fruit that makes California, California. It’s more a matter of not letting the fruit get the upper hand and running all over everything else, which means careful growing, harvesting at the right time, and then doing as little as possible from crush to bottling.” __****Josh Raynolds, December 2014____________________________________________________________________________________2013 White Hill / Sta. Rita Hills (10% Stainless) Light yellow-gold. Tangerine, pear skin and a hint of honey on the perfumed nose. Broad and silky on entry, offering pliant orchard and citrus fruit flavors that tighten up on the back half while picking up a touch of bitter quince. Nicely taut for the vintage, finishing with strong thrust and persistent mineral and floral flourishes. — $40.00 / 92 Points

2013 La Hermana / Santa Maria Valley (all neutral oak): Pale gold. Musky pear skin, yellow plum and Meyer lemon on the fragrant nose. Opens up nicely on the palate, offering juicy citrus and orchard fruit flavors braced by bitter quinine and dusty minerals. At once rich and lively, finishing with excellent clarity and a late note of honeysuckle. — $40.00 / 92 Points

2013 Bien Bien / Santa Maria Valley (30% new oak): Pale gold. A sexy, highly perfumed bouquet evokes fresh pear, tangerine, white flowers, iodine and ginger. Smoky, palate-staining orchard fruit and melon flavors are lifted and sharpened by juicy acidity, picking up anise and sea salt nuances with air. Strikes a suave balance of power and elegance, and shows no excess fat. A spicy note builds on a long, incisive finish that features lingering floral and mineral qualities. — $64.00 / 93 Points

To all: buy, buy, buy. You will be so happy you did.

Awwww!!! thanks so much Jeff!! Much love to you out there and hope the blizzard is moving East to give you guys some reprieve! funny, that the grass is always greener on the other side - being snowed in sounds so romantic. Fire, drinking wine, cooking and playing games all day and night - at least thats what I would be doing [drinkers.gif]

These wines do not last long at our house. Usually Jules gives me “tsk tsk” when I talk about ordering wine, but today it was “well I do love my Liquid Farm”

Do we wait til tomorrow?

hi Chris! love you (and Mrs. Blum!)! Tomorrow for ordering is the way to do it :slight_smile: We will fwd to getting it hooked up!

Maybe it’s the lingering exhaustion, but I don’t understand this offer. I want to try the wines though.

So for current members, its 25% off everything? Or 25% off the three preselected combo’s?

For new members that sign up, do you get the fall allocation and what you order through WB?

Hi David! :slight_smile: I like to do things a with a lot of gusto so sorry if its confusing! [help.gif]

There are 2 options to buy tomorrow as a non-member:
1.) grab one of the 3 trial packs of 2, 3 or 4 bottles @ 20% off - use code PASSME20 and use this link to find the packs on our site

2.) use the link below to come aboard the club as a new member to gain 25% off any one of the 3 Members Only packs (4, 6 and 12 bottles). You will be able to sign up for immediate access to Member only backend of the site where we will tomorrow only, will have those WB Member packs accessible for purchase. No code needed. The wines and shipping will auto discount 25% off when you check out.

*If you do join tomorrow you are also credited back a bottle of Rosé (less FOUR cents) to the card you place on file.

*All Berserkers who order (and post their order here) will be entered to win one of 4 different Magnums that we are raffling off.

Holler with any questions and you can also email Anna - with any questions and your order/info and she can process it tomorrow on the back end of the site for you :slight_smile:

Cheers and we will look forward to your impressions of the wines once you check them out!

Hi Pat! :slight_smile:
Members (current and those who join tomorrow) get 25% off the pack of their choice and shipping. That will auto discount when logged into your account/upon checkout.

Members only have access to the special 4, 6 and 12 bottle packs “The Bakers Dozen Field Goal”, “The Touchdown” & “The Hail Mary Touchdown”- the Trial packs are for non-members and offered at 20% (2, 3 and 4 bottle options only - “The Fade”, “The Slant” & “The Hook”.

Holler with any questions and you can of course email Anna tomorrow ( with any questions or to have her set up your order for you :slight_smile:

CHEERS and thanks so much for your amazing support!
Nik champagne.gif

Hi David! made some updates to the site’s content so I think now it will be more accurate - but, basically the next shipment fort the Club (post WB Day) is our Spring/March release - new members to join would be welcome to pass on that and start with the club in Fall should they prefer but, they will have full access to the tier they join tomorrow starting with the Spring/March release.

They will also get a bottle of Rosé´credited back to their card placed on file (less FOUR cents) on top of 25% off wines and shipping for the WB day order :slight_smile:

Holler with any questions!


I’m excited to give LF a try and will order tomorrow – I’ve heard nothing but great things.

Don’t miss this folks! Some of the best wine in my house and possibly the best peeps period!

I’m also looking forward to trying these out.

You are the bomb Chris! danke for the love! champagne.gif

Stoked to get some liquid in your glass Jeff! WOOT! champagne.gif

Holler Ryan!! Thanks so much and we will look forward to hearing what you think about the wines! champagne.gif

No prob!! :slight_smile:

Ordered a 4-pack last year. Will do so again tomorrow.

Wish I could order a 4-pack of the Rose. It was THE best Rose I had all last Summer!